– I am not busy, I tend to

– IGN: ComboRIP (Was called Xieja)- Age: 16- Region: United Kingdom (EU)- Past names: Xieja, Verzaki, DotSK- Alt accounts: Verzaki- Timezone: GMT- Do you have teamspeak and discord?: If they are both required to be on the staff team, then yes I do!- Time usually spent on the server: Depends really, I usually do have more than 3+ hours a day for sure. When I am not busy, I tend to have over 6+ hours just to spend on servers but never found a server to actually spend it on.- How did you find out about the server?: A friend of mine named “Tahti” who is a admin on this network, showed me this server and I thought it was really cool. Therefor I played a good few months on the server and really made me feel really comfortable with the network.- Past experience as a staff member?: I have been a staff on veltpvp just before the ETB of sickelotus. The australian staff member on velt who ETB’d and ruined velts community at the time. Therefor I had been demoted the day before this all happened which really made me a little bit angry just because if I was online. I would have chipped in and helped out the network. I have been a staff on a server called ElectroPvP which was the worst server to be a staff member on, just purely because the owner would actually allow hackers onto the community at the time, just because he was too lazy to ban the hackers. So I then took matters into my own hands and actually waited for the owner to go offline and I banned all the hackers, making the server take a chill pill with all the raging and stuff like that, I then left because I felt really uncomfortable with the server and the staff team.I was also a staff on PurgePots back when Jitty owned the network, I actually quite enjoyed the server because I had gotten used to the commands and the community and its staff team too. I actually felt like I was apart of something in the making and I was really excited, then I had this one day break because I had to go out for dinner with family and friends, I had been sadly demoted over the one day inactivity, which when I found this out, I was a little bit upset over the fact that its just above 24 hours of me not being online, I also alerted the staff team that I wasnt going to be online for a day or 2.I also used to own my own server called Combo which I still have the staff guide to.- Why did you apply on Valux and not another network?: The main reason why I applied for valux is because I am very well used to the community, I know a couple staff members, one thats new to the team and an admin like I explained in the above section(s). The server has made me feel like its kind of a home and I really do enjoy playing the server and I wish to redeem myself and my staff experience from the PurgePots experience which since the PurgePots community, I have not been staff on another server yet. I have tried multiple times, but no servers actually would accept me but just because I havent been staff on another server doesn’t mean I ain’t good at staffing on a server.Another reason why I want to be a staff member is because I am really active on the network, I always make sure that the community is in a good state and I want the network to remain in that current state, by making sure that the network is in good shape and I hope to make sure that the server is clean and tidy from all the hackers which I have seen quite recently, yet I would also like to mention that I can help out with this quite a lot.- What puts you above over candidates for the trainee position?: One thing that may be able to put me above certain staff is that I am actually quite mature and can always help with pure profession and always can be very helpful all over the network and outside of the network, no matter what the problem is. I always try my best to help with certain things, and if I cant assist on something, then I usually try and get another staff to chip in and help me out if possible. I never say no to helping certain people with IRL issues as well, I can also be quite helpful with these sort of things, due to the fact that I actually deal with a few similar things myself and I always am open to talk to for specific things like that.When I am online, I try and keep contact with the community and such things like joining events and just having a little fun while I also staff too. I always intend on making people enjoy the network when I am available to do so.- Screensharing experience: Uhm, the only real experience(s) is that I had to screenshare on veltpvp and also Purgepots too. That was the only times I had to really learn how to screenshare. Even on my own network I had to screenshare too so I have somewhat experience in screensharing.- Any past punishments?: (Don’t lie, we check) Erm, I do not recall having any sort of experiences of a punishment.- Extra information you would like to include: Not really, just good luck to all other applicants!- What languages can you fluently speak?:Only English. I would always be willing to try something new if possible, I am always willing to learn things inside and out of minecraft to improve myself as a person.?