Human remaining with the organization. According to

Human resource continues to remain the most precious resource of any
organization. The recruitment and selection practices are important for new and
established businesses alike. Without the right staff, chosen using the right
methods, none of the other functions will operate successfully. Therefore, it
is the best way to achieve success in the business world. Recruiting and having
the right person on board is vital for the success of any organization. It can
also impact on the likelihood that a candidate will accept a job offer and on
their subsequent commitment to remaining with the organization.

According to Edwin B. Flippo, recruitment is the process of
searching the candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for jobs
in the organization. It is set of activities takes place in an organization to
attract job applicants possessing the appropriate characteristics to help the
organization reach its objectives. It involves seeking and attracting a pool of
people from where suitable qualified candidates can be chosen for vacancy and evaluating
them for future employment. The basic purpose is to collect a group of
potentially qualified people. Once candidates are identified, an organization
can begin the selection process. This includes collecting, measuring, and evaluating
information about candidates’ qualifications for specified positions. Organizations
use these processes to increase the likelihood of hiring individuals who
possess the right skills and abilities to be successful at their jobs and selecting
the right employees at the right time and at the right post.

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Effective recruitment and selection is the key in guarantying that
the organization has the right skills and capabilities in its workforce to
attain its strategic objectives. The success of recruitment is dependent on
many factors, including the attractiveness of the organization, the community
in which the organization is located, the work climate and culture of the
organization, managerial and supervisory attitudes and behavior, workload, and
other job related considerations (Albaugh,. J 2003).

In this study, attention turns to the processes of recruitment and
selection.  The researchers explore these
two topics together because they are integrally related not only with each
other but also with other human resources management functions. The development
and stringency of criteria for selecting job applicants depend, to a large
degree, on the success of the recruitment effort. An organization can be more
selective when a relatively large supply of qualified applicants is available
(Albaugh,. J 2003).