have an effective and strong governmental public

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To have an effective and strong
governmental public health there is always challenges from chronic illness,
safety of food and water, infectious diseases.  This is intended for a successful development
of policy’s to combine the state, local and government public health



The levels of government work
together because they do some of the same duties from local to national to
global. These agencies of public health are on the same level but share some
function like policy development, disease surveillance and health care. When
policy come about at a level of government they make suggestion of other level
of government, to make sure each and every policy is tended too, to ensure outcome
that is effective for the population. Federal agencies encourage local and
state to be part of program design, regulations, funding allocation strategies
and guidelines, which is part of development of national policies. The government
on all levels like federal and local have a main goal that is to keep the
public healthy as possible with our health care system.


The public health jobs
are handled by the governmental health and environmental protection agencies
for local, state and national levels. There few non-governmental private and
organization that will step in to carry out public health activities only if
they are request to by the government agencies. The government provides
guidelines and standards, enforce impartiality across the state, do research
and publicize its findings and expand priorities for the nation. The government
is for the people and act as a representative for the people. They get their
authority from the public and responsible for the entire public. Public health
agency at each level are is responsible for collecting and inspect health and
utilization information, developing policies to protect the public health,
informing the public of the finding and recommendations. The state health board’s
act on the authority for the public’s health issue, the federal government
appoints the local public health organizations. Then you have tribal public
health organization like the state health department they are there to react
for the good of their citizens. At a national level they focus on interstate
and international. The department of health and human services provides support,
services and policy for the state with a division of pharmacy, USPHS and FDA.  




The local public, state,
federal agencies have to outline the public health with the general health of
the population and give strategies with efficiency.  They also organized methods based on political
and health of each locality or stated.  With
development and effectiveness for public health programs with the support of
research-driven question that meet the public health needs; this will help the
program planning and improvement. These organizations provide leadership and
will share utilization of data from all sectors of providers.   Each state is different from each other from
there politics and ability to delegate to local governments. There are boards
and department that make up the structures and functions at a country and city
level, metropolitan areas have health department with a country department or
rural and frontier areas these areas are thinly scattered. The local level of
policies and collection are put to work. This level is where the governmental
being communicate with the population that it services.   

The structure of public
health falls on the hands of the people, in the state, local levels and the
government.  Public health main objective
is to protect our population from disease, illness or injury, environmental,
worksite hazard, and food with other risk factors. The action of  private and governmental health care
institutions, organization and providers, aid in the health care system gives
first healing services for example injuries, illness and protection to people with
attention to prevention. Public health agencies are the primary provider for
public health services. The local agencies come together to meet a obligation
for their communities in so many ways like promoting policy’s that are guided
by the community only to make everyone aware of health and to insure good
health conditions; by gathering, monitoring and distribute information on  health issue and disease. Health agencies
also mange safety practices for business the air quality, facilities even the








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January 28, 2017


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