howing Up by Angela Duckworth talks about the
experience of cadets at United States Military Academy at West Point and how
they maintain to pass the intensive seven-week training program called Beast. The
purpose of taking this program is to “challenge in a variety of ways in every
developmental area – mentally, physically, militarily and socially. The system
will find your weaknesses, but that’s the point West Point toughens you”. After
reading the story, I think the main key that leads people to success is grit. During
the time Duckworth worked part time in a lab at West Point, she met Mike, one
of many cadets who was struggling and ready to give up because of the pressure
at West Point. But at the end, Mike didn’t quit. She quickly realizes that grit is a key factor to those who made it
and who gave up. She also discusses about kids with grit were more likely
to be successful than the others. Nowadays, most schools tend to measure student’s
IQ based on some knowledge tests. However, I believe that hard work is always the
key aspect to overcome obstacles and help you to reach your final goal. The
idea also applies to the business world as well. As some businesses face obstacles,
having people with grit in your company is necessary because they know how to overcome
and deal with it. There are a lot of famous people who became successful
through perseverance and grit such as Bill Gates (first product was an epic
failure), Albert Einstein (was expelled from school and denied entry into
university), etc. We know their names, their faces, their influences and how
they lived before the success. Grit and perseverance are necessary to achieve
greatness. Despite difficulties and failures, we shouldn’t give up easily because
it isn’t the end of the world. The more you fail, the more you learn and the more
you understand how to overcome struggles throughout life.