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 How big of an age gap is too big in a relationship?  Relationship is a commitment between two individuals who share common interests and it affects the physical and emotional values of both the individuals. It is common to see older men with younger women and vice versa especially in the streets of Hollywood. Many believe that age does not matter when it comes to relationships as they tend to give preferences to their feelings and this is dominant when it comes to males.While many individuals believe that when someone enters a relationship it does not have to be within the social norms and that age is just plain statistics of our living years, recent researches show that significant age gaps between partners result in better understanding among each other, financial stability and longer yet stable relationships.    Firstly, good understanding between partners is crucial for a relationship to sustain and grow as most individuals nowadays look for partners that match their level of maturity or partners they can have strong commitment or conversations with. The ability to be understanding and empathic requires a great deal of maturity and wisdom which can only be achieved with life experiences that come with age. For an example, when one or both of the partners are matured enough to understand the complexity of life and are wise enough to deal with it appropriately, they are able to overcome any challenges with their relationship intact and healthy as the matured partner will know how to navigate through any situation or be able to take wise decisions to sustain their relationship.    Secondly, partners with significant age gaps between them tend to be more stable financially than others with no age gaps at all. This is due to the fact that the older partner is well – settled and is able to support both of them financially. Individuals nowadays prefer partners that are well – settled and financially stable to ensure a comfortable and secure life. They tend to fall victim to the luxuries of life and expect their partners to be capable enough to provide them with such comforts. However, individuals tend to settle down only as they age. For an instance, in the means of starting their own family, men in their late 20s invest in houses and shares to provide a comfortable lifestyle for their future family. These preliminary investments prevent large decline in relationship satisfaction when partners are faced with major economic recessions or when their household finances are declining rapidly.    Thirdly, relationships with significant age gap between couples has proven to result in longer yet stable relationship as both partners are at the same level of understanding in terms of what they want in life and their willingness to settle down. Furthermore, couples with  a significant age gap tend to compliment each other in terms of energy and youthful vibrancy. For an example, such couples are more certain in the way they want their relationship to grow or what they expect out of it. This includes their preference with having children or getting married which results in a longer yet stable relationship as both partners are at the same stage of development. Besides that, such couples also do interesting activities such as travelling and dinner dates to keep their relationship exciting. With their relationship being exciting and full of fire, it lasts longer and both the partners will share a stable bond.    Summarily, a significant age gap between romantic partners does matter in a relationship as it results in longer and stable relationships thus providing financial stability to both the partners. Besides that, significant age gap between partners also promotes mutual understanding however, the age difference should not be too much or too little that it leads the relationship to an inescapable end.