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                                           How does technology affect our lives?Technology is being used and consumed all around the world, by people using it on a daily basis. Therefore, technology is developing faster than ever .The term “technology” has many different meanings and everyone has their own understanding of it. Like I said we use it in our everyday lives to complete various tasks and solve different problems, that without technology might not be possible. We use technology as a learning tool in schools, we use technology for communication, various types of transportation, manufacturing, securing data, medical purposes and much more. If technology is being used the right way it could benefit humans and help them in their daily lives, but if used the wrong way it can also bring harm and damage our society. World of technology is expanding very fast, but its variables could be seen way back. The world has evolved from sticks, stones and fire, to advanced technology like computers and robots.Use of tools by early humans was indeed a process of evolution and discovery. Stone tools were used by the Hominids millions of years ago, the earliest stone tools were little more than just a fractured rock. About 6000 BCE human race in the Middle East started to use ceramics bricks to make some of the first houses. This was one of the turning points in time when people realised they could transform their lives by using the tools they have made from the ancient times. In history people were using technology only for calculating and very simple games, but today, we do almost every job, creation or idea development on computers and our life is easier because of that.Global perspectiveAs seen from a global perspective, people are using technology for many different things that could help us, but if used wrong, it might harm us as well. Technology is used all around the world for manufacturing many useful objects such as cars and mobile phones. It is extremely helpful in areas already mentioned. Starting from the 14th century till now manufacture has greatly improved and developed, from little workshops to giant fabrics and enterprises such as AppleAlthough technology is helpful for most countries, not every country has developed technologically and therefore suffers great insufficiencies.  For example China is the most technologically advanced country in the whole world and is highly developed in areas such as high-tech manufacturing, education, academic publishing, infrastructure and many more things which prove that China is in fact the most developed country when we talk about technology. China considers technology and science to be the key to achieving political and economic goals. They are an example of how technology can be used in a positive way.On the other side, countries lacking in technological intellectual property, like Bangladesh, are in a great backlog. Bangladesh is one of the countries with extremely underdeveloped technology. It is also the 8th most populated country in the world, with a population of 157 million people, whose survival depends on agriculture. Technology has a great purpose in agriculture. It has been extremely useful because man is assisted by machines and it takes much less time and much less effort. For example, there are sensors that detect the moisture in the soil that provide farmers with irrigated systems. Hence, they should rely on technology, but there is one problem- they are lacking in that segment massively. With the low GDP per capita it is hard for the citizens to afford the proper technology to harvest all the seeds, which is making quite a problem to their economy. Since the only thing they could make national profit on is being reduced by lack of proper maintenance, and therefore practically wasted, technology implementation into their agricultural industry might seriously get them a way of the situation which causes problems to millions of people.The effects of technological change on a global level are creating significant transformations in the way nations organize trade goods, production and developing new products. New materials are improving as diverse as construction and communications. For instance the production and development of cars has greatly increased due to technological advances, such as Tesla vehicles. They are a line of cars running solely on electricity to provide a cleaner energy source.   Improved manufacturing technologies have changed embedded patterns of employment and manufacturing. Contrary to popular beliefs, technology has  increased the amount of jobs in the world. For example, in the 19th century the United States census records that there were about 10 000 accountants in England and Wales and that it has increased by twentyfold in the past 140 years to about 215 000. Improved sea and air transportation has sped up the worldwide flow of people and goods. This has created much greater interdependence among nations. Therefore global trading and exporting has only increased with the development of technology. Both developed and developing countries are harnessing technology more efficiently, expecting that it will create a higher standard of living for all. National perspectiveEvery nation strives to make advancements, and lately, technological advancements show to be the most profitable. Serbia has many reasons to pursue technological advancements, and one of them is that Serbian people are extremely bright. We have examples of this going back to the 19th century – Mihailo Pupin and Nikola Tesla, who shaped the world we know today. Many people couldn’t imagine a world without their inventions, but seems like we didn’t continue their legacy. Our nation weakened due to many wars, especially in the past 100 years. The progress we have made with Utva Aviation Industry, suddenly collapsed during the bombing in 1999, which caused serial disagreements with other countries on Balkan and major technology companies of global relevance. The wars left us in poverty, and set us back by decades. Nonetheless, Serbia remained filled with people greatly talented, but with no conditions to obtain knowledge, education and opportunities, which resulted in their incapability to make major achievements by using their talents.Even though foreign countries acknowledged our intellectual potential, and made use of it it by offering Serbian students scholarships and jobs abroad, this has only made the situation in our country worse, since the best engineers, IT managers and programmers end up working for other nations, such as the USA, Great Britain and Germany, who make use of all their inventions.The real question which we might ask now is how can we advance technologically if we let all of the bright minds go? With the state we are in, we aren’t in a position to attract foreign talent, so I believe that the  solution to this is providing better conditions for living, working and educating, so that less people decide to leave in order to obtain decent life conditions. This would require significant investments in education, workplaces, scholarships and academic advancement, which might drag our nation out of the economy crisis we always seem to be in. With the advancements we would obtain we could improve life quality, make money off, educate our youngsters and improve our standard of living and intellectual potential in total. Personal PerspectiveAll people are prone to bad habits. One bad habit I’ve attained over the years is the use of technology. Me and many others my age have started relying on technology more than hard education and intelligence. Consequently because of that we have become desensitized from society. We spend more time on our virtual lives than our real ones. Technology today very regularly gets taken for granted by my peers. Not a lot of people today appreciate the quality and efficiency technology provides us with. People stopped using technology in moderation and started using if for irrelevant purposes. Millennials today spend nearly a third of their day on their phones, computers, tablets, etc. On social media, videos and music. An average of nine hours a day that is mostly wasted on insignificant things that more often than not cause stress and internal struggles. Even more and more couples are meeting online. People have started to get more comfortable with online relationships than real ones.The internet and technology provides us with many options that teenagers today misuse in many ways therefore wasting their potential. Future ScenariosTechnology in the past although extraordinary for it’s time is nowhere near as developed as technology today.  Developing at increasing speeds, we  aren’t even aware how little time it will take before modern technology becomes old news. In the near future I presume that technology will become so advanced that it will surpass the need for human intelligence. We’ve always theorized about creating our own intelligence and soon enough those theories will become our reality. Technology so advanced it will exceed the human brain, one of the most powerful tools in the perceivable universe. If we don’t take into consideration the expanding nature of technology we will suffer the consequences. Machines may very well topple over man and become the dominant “race”We need to ask ourselves “what can we do?” to stop the fast development of technology and if unstoppable, what we can do to prolong it. Very likely technology will never stop advancing and all we can really do is find more efficient ways to use it for the greater good of mankind. We’ve invented tools to help us, but repeatedly we abuse them at the expense of others. Technological advancements like the atomic bomb, created only to hurt other people. It will lead us to back to the middle ages. In many countries today, certain websites and programs have been banned or blocked from use, because the government of the country recognises them as harmful to society. This is a relatively tame course of action whereas more extreme precautions are being taken in countries like North Korea where the internet has become a possession of the government in charge.  The conclusion I’ve become aware of this problem simply by looking up and away from my computer screen. I understand the need for technology and agree that it is essential for modern life, but often enough people use it for very superficial reason that are ultimately unimportant. Unfortunately many of the actions that need to be taken to diffuse the situation are out of my reach. I am aware of the need for technology but overuse can lead to serious issues. I will inform my friends and family of the dangers and I do believe if many more did the same that this problem would cease to exist.