How with soda’s and tea are almost impossible

How Caffeine is Affecting Our Exercise

Do you start your day with a fresh, steaming cup of coffee?
Do you drink coffee to satisfy your addictive craze? Do you need caffeine to
jump-start your daily workout? Well for most college student’s caffeine is
vital for surviving those late night study sessions with the energy boost as
well as getting them to the gym. When you walk around a college campus coffee
shops as well as vending machines filled with soda’s and tea are almost
impossible to pass. Since a large population in America consume caffeine every day,
many don’t realize the effect it has on their body. As college students, we
overuse this drug way more than we think to keep us awake when we do decide to
hit the gym after a long day of classes. Being someone who drinks coffee
everyday before I go workout, I feel it would be very useful to learn just what
this caffeine is doing to my body while I am workout out. Therefore, I am going
to be investigating how caffeine may enhance exercise training.

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Problems/Arguments associated with Caffeine

            A valid reason to research why
caffeine is strayed away from is that it can be addictive, but caffeine has the
potential to become a helpful substance in all the different types of training you
choose to do in the gym. When people talk about caffeine most of the aspects
associated with it are highly negative. Aspects such as weight gain, sugar
crashes as well as possible addictions for people who drink it every day. The
significance in researching the effects of caffeine on exercise is to void a
myth that states that caffeine is a drug that has harmful effects. Studies have
been done that show more positives and not all negative when it comes to
caffeine usages.