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How many of you present today use cosmetics? Now let me ask you, what are your favorite makeup brands? Many of you answered brands such as NARS, Mac, Benefit and so forth. However, are you aware that your $40 foundation took away the lives of tons of innocent animals? Imagine getting locked up in a dark cage with no space with no idea of what is coming next. Imagine having substances forced into your eyes that will severely burn and irritate it without any pain relief being given. Imagine a product that causes permanent damage being smeared onto your skin without your consent. After being tested on, you are tossed into the trash and forgotten.According to PETA, an animal rights organization, 100 million animals including expectant mothers are burned, crippled, poisoned and abused in labs across the nation. I don’t know about you, but personally it is immensely unjust for animals to be murdered for our own benefit and selfish enjoyment. The topic of animal testing is invariably being overlooked and although it is a issue in society many individuals have no clue about what goes on behind lab doors. Approximately 200 animals are slaughtered per batch of makeup products. No one is fully aware of the process it takes for their favorite makeup product to be put on shelves for sale. All anyone ever sees is the cute appealing packaging that is displayed to the public. Is the injection of toxic chemicals into a sweet little guinea pig really worth your $10 mascara? Now, maybe you’re thinking, “Sure but how does this really affect ME?” Animal testing not only unnecessary but is also morally wrong. As a matter of fact, animal testing costs billions of dollars every year to fund. Have you ever wondered why your eyeshadow palette costs $45 and not $15? Large companies such as Huntingdon Life Sciences are pulling hundreds of dollars out of your wallet to fund their inhumane practices. Adored brands like Covergirl are associated with Huntingdon.  That extra $30 coming out of your pocket goes towards facilities that harm and abuse animals. You are essentially paying them to continue these experiments. Don’t get me wrong, like many of you, I’m also a huge fan of makeup. I myself love purchasing cosmetics from prestige brands like Clinique or Bobbi Brown. However, after discovering the horrific procedures that happen before my favorite lipstick goes on sale, I have stopped using makeup products that support animal testing. Although officials from many popular cosmetic companies argue that using animals to investigate product hazards is the best way to ensure public safety it is still unnecessary and inhumane. Successful makeup brands such as BareMinerals and Urban Decay have perfected their products without animal testing. According to Huffington Post, Europe, India and Israel have all banned animal testing. If these countries can pass a law that protects animals from being tested, how come a country like the U.S. which is perceived as one of the most powerful and wealthy nations can’t do something as simple as that? Asking for a ban to animal testing isn’t asking for the impossible; its asking to speak for the guiltless animals that cannot. And so, if this much goes in to just testing makeup, imagine how many other innocent lives are lost to test the hundreds of little conveniences in our lives. Soap, deodorant, lotion, cologne, perfume, the list goes on.