How wonder. Tomoe Gakuen was a school set

How can a book published in Japanese
in the year 1982 become a best seller?

Naughty Totto and her master unwraps a beautiful
relationship in this book. This is a wonderful autobiography written by Tetsuko
Kuroyanagi. A little child can read this book as a children’s story,a parent
finds it as a great parental guide and it is also a master piece work for

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is a craziest, creative character who everyone has always dreamt about.”Totto,
really you are a good girl”. The master always stresses the word “really”, so
that she can feel it’s true. When Totto was expelled from her first school, she
was marked as a troublemaker who cannot be controlled by teachers. Tomoe Gakuen-The
Magical school changed the naughty, restless Totto into a very caring, loving

 Master Kobayashi was an unusual teacher. His
style of teaching was very different comparing with any other elementary
schools. It is interesting to find that his teaching techniques are even now;
at this 21st century is a wonder.

Tomoe Gakuen
was a school set up in train bogies. This gave  totally new appearance for a school. In Tomoe
Gakuen the students were free to study any subjects in any periods. This helped
them to be experts in the subjects they are interested in. The music classes,
farming classes, cambs, etc made their little lives colourful. Kobayashi master
wanted every child to be equal. There were differently abled children in the
school. Master designed games which gave them prominence. They were never left
to be inferior.

Tomoe was
different from other schools. It’s like a fairy tale experience to know about
it. The parents were insisted to give ‘a part from the land and a part from the
sea’ for the lunch this assured that every tiffin box is well nutritional. The
teachers took the children for walks. It was more important to experience and
study rather than to hear and study at Tomoe. Their picnics taught the children
life skills.

mother is an important character in this story. She was a clever woman. She
never informed Totto that she was expelled from a school. She knew it well that
it will affect Totto negatively. When Totto did mischievous deeds, she never
scolded her but left Totto to learn from experience.

The other
characters in the novel such as Rock-her pet dog, her father, classmates etc
plays important roles. The book has quite a mixture of feelings. There is
sadness, fear, excitement and all other feelings that a child could experience
and the reader too experience the same.

 The book Totto-chan becomes special because
whenever we read the book we get a new insight. The ideas change according to
the age of the reader. It really gives us a new reading experience.