HitpromoVinyl The custom logo is conspicuously highlighted

HitpromoVinyl Manicure Set Promotional… With LogoSearching for an excellent promotional product for your customer giveaways? If yes, the promotional Vinyl Manicure Set is your savior. Imprint your logo on the perfect 1 ½” W x 1″ H area to showcase your business in promotion programs. Promotional Vinyl Manicure Sets are handy marketing tools for nail and manicure parlors, or even salons. The sets do come with tweezers, bead chain attachment, nail file, scissors, and nail clippers. Strike conversations with potential clients with several colors like pink, clear, and blue.Nail Clipper In CaseNail Clipper In Case is the ideal promotional product for manicure parlors, schools, and salons. The bead chain attachment is handy when traveling making it portable. You can choose from three colors with your custom logo on top – black, white, and blue. With a custom logo on a 1 ?” W x 5?16″ H of the promotional Nail Clipper In Case, rest assured your business will skyrocket as you help your customers get clean!5-Piece Leather Look Manicure SetHelp tidy your customers’ nails with promotional 5-Piece Leather Look Manicure Set. Complete the promotional expression by imprinting a logo on the promotional product. Various color choices like royal blue, red, black, or pink are available to push your product or business to soar heights. The custom logo is conspicuously highlighted on the exterior of the leather kit that holds tweezers, nail file, nail clipper, and cuticle pusher. The zipper closure ensures your tools do not fall off while traveling.Manicure Set In Gift TubeWhether you run a beauty spa or own a modeling agency, promotional Manicure Set In Gift Tube offers incredible reputation the polish it deserves. With a custom logo and different colors on these excellent giveaways, be sure to gain a massive following in your business. The promotional Manicure Set In Gift Tube includes six stainless tools like a nail file, cuticle trimmer, nail clipper, scissors, cuticle pusher, and a cuticle shaper that match the tube color. Make your business the pacesetter today!Reflections Manicure SetPolish your advertisement with Promotional Reflections Manicure Sets. The personalized beauty products are perfect handouts for luxury spas, salons, and lounges. Customers can use the set at home, at the workplace, and also while traveling. The handy package comprises a large mirror beneath the lid, nail scissors, nail trimmer, cuticle pusher, tweezers, and cuticle trimmer. With a custom logo imprinted, your business is always on the move!  Include custom Reflections Manicure Set in your marketing campaign today!6-Piece Manicure Set In Aluminum CaseFor a chic marketing idea, offer promotional 6-Piece Manicure Sets In Aluminium Cases to valued customers. With your embossed slogan or company logo on a perfect dimension of 1″ W x 1 ¾” H, clients will carry your entire business wherever they go. The promotional kit entails tweezers, nail tip groomer, nail file, cuticle pusher, nail clipper, and scissors. The promotional 6-Piece Manicure Set is an economical and convenient advertising strategy.Easy Grip Nail ClipperEasy Grip Nail Clipper with your company’s logo engraved is an inexpensive and hygienic promotional method. Promotional Easy Grip Nail Clipper can be used to advertise hospices, beauty spas, and non-government organizations. The available colors: white, blue and black grab the attention of passers-by; hence creating a grand product promotion with ease. Boost your sales today by taking advantage of promotional Easy Grip Nail Clipper with your custom logo or company’s name imprinted on the product.Manicure Set Key ChainEscalate your products sales in a snap by offering promotional handouts to your regular customers. Not only will your clients have your business on the go with promotional Manicure Set Key Chains, but also you keep them well-groomed. Draw people’s attention with blue, green, black, white or red shade in addition to a custom logo. Cosmetic shops, luxury spas, and manicure parlors alike may include customized Manicure Set Key Chains with the company logo as ideal giveaways or loyalty programs. Neaten your marketing strategy today with promotional Manicure Set Key Chains.Glass Nail File In SleeveYou can never go wrong with classy, chic, and promotional with the striking look as well as hands-on performance on Glass Nail File In Sleeve with logo. While your customers smoothen their nail edges, be sure to promote your product to a larger mass. The upscale beauty essential comes with a clear cover sleeve making it convenient for travelers. Purple, pink, lime green, red, and blue are the available shades to go with your personalized logo.4-In-1 Mini Nail FilePromote your brand with promotional 4-In-1 Mini Nail File every moment your clients do shape, smooth, and file their nails. The nail files with imprinted logo are perfect giveaways for advertising of beauty spas, handouts during the launch of parlors, and also campaigns like health awareness. Good news is that the nail file fits aptly in pockets and purses thanks to the ideal dimension of 2 ½” W x 7?8″ H. Have your promotional 4-In-1 Mini Nail File in addition to your custom logo come in different colors like white, pink, light blue, lime green, and purple.Nail File In SleevePromotional Nail File In Sleeve do ensure your brand gets known to potential customers. The promotional tools with logo and company slogan printed on the sleeve can be excellent giveaways in cosmetic shops, political rallies, lobby groups, and beauty spas. The clear sleeve has an ideal size of 6 ¼” W x ¾” H. That is large enough to highlight details of your company and brand. Expose your brand in a simple and handy method today!Playing Card SetYou cannot do a more befitting choice of keeping customers enthralled with custom logo Playing Card Sets. The giveaway set contains two sets of playing cards, a pencil, a notepad all in a black case with a zippered closure. The size makes it possible for the set to effortlessly fit into pockets or carry cases. Whether you are opening a new club, running a casino, or a gaming lounge, your custom logo fits aptly on the of 4 1/2″ x 6 1/4″ area.Double Playing Cards In Case    Delight your clients and increase your sales by picking custom logo Double Playing Cards In Case of your promotions. Logo engraved playing cards come in two sets and are superb for team-building events at the workplace or even in organizations. Also, they can be ideal for gaming and gambling lounges. Get your custom Double Playing Cards In Case well-placed in a reusable plastic carrying cases or rather frosted clear cases. Be sure to ace your advertising crusade by investing in custom Double Playing Cards In Cases.Deck Of Cards And CaseCreate an innate bond with your customers by issuing custom Deck Of Cards And Case with your company logo. Custom logo on giveaways gets your brand walking all over. The deck entails a reusable plastic carrying case with paper playing cards. There are numerous imprint colors to pick from and they do match well with your custom logo. Whether it a business giveaway, tradeshow handouts, or even wedding service presents, you will create an incredible impression in the minds of clients and team players.Playing Cards In CaseAs your customers get entertained, take the advantage of pushing your brand with custom Playing Cards In Case. Your package come in reusable plastic that carries your custom logo with an unmatched honor. You can choose your favorite color from a variety of deck colors like red, blue, black, and green. Custom Playing Cards In Case can be used as promotional giveaways in birthday revelries, coffee lounges, and casinos. Make everyone remember at the same time advertise your brand when they are playing card games.Rubber DuckYour products will remain afloat in the flooding competition with custom logo engraved Rubber Ducks. The customized rubber duck does float on water at the same time acting as a stress reliever. With dimensions of 3″ x 2 3/4″, the squeaky yellow ducks are more conspicuous than conventional marketing methods and are attractive to kids and grownups alike. Whip the stress out of your advertising campaign with custom logo embossed Rubber Duck.Golf Ball Shape Stress Reliever Give out customized Golf Ball Shape Stress Reliever with logo and strike a hole-in-one in your next advertising campaign. The stress reliever is a must-have giveaway during golf tournaments and outings. Squeeze your stress away on these 1 ¹?16″ W x 1 ¹?16″ H sized balls made from polyurethane foam. A perfect addition to your collection of souvenirs and therapeutic aids, it can be customized with your company logo for more business exposure.Soccer Ball Shape Stress RelieverScore a goal in your promotional campaigns by offering customized Soccer Ball Shape Stress Relievers with imprinted logo. These soft and gorgeous therapeutic companions are handmade; thus, you are assured of top-notch products. Use the stress relievers with an imprinted logo as giveaways in sports leagues and soccer tournaments. Sell your brand to the mass while helping clients relieve their stress with customized Soccer Ball Shape Stress Reliever either at the workplace or even at home.Basketball Shape Stress RelieverWhile Customized Basketball Shape Stress Relievers are great giveaways to customers, you also get to promote your sports merchandise store. The stress relievers come with logo printed in dark ink only and allow the receivers to effortlessly squash away from the day’s pressure. The promotional products entail the texture of a typical basketball; hence they are puncture-proof. Spread your brand message at the same time remain in the souls of who releases stress with Customized Basketball Shape Stress Relievers.Football Shape Stress RelieverKick tension away with customized Football Shape Stress Relievers. These squashy therapeutic aids are hand-made; hence no stress reliever is identical to the other. Imprint your brand logo on the athletic-themed handouts that come in different colors including silver, blue, brown, forest green, black, navy blue, orange, white, purple, or gold. These promotional products can be ideal giveaways at your promotional events, or even at football tournaments. Not only will you help people to punt stress, but also you will hit a marketing ‘touchdown.’Hockey Puck Shape Stress RelieverCustomized Hockey Puck Shape Stress Relievers are fabricated from squashy and soft polyurethane foam. Expose your brand by having your custom logo embossed on the 1 ¾” W x 1 ½” H imprint area. With a custom logo imprinted on the black promotional stress relievers, customers can squash, squeeze, and slap them without breaking. These products can be perfect giveaways during hockey matches, or handouts to team members and customers at your sports goods shop.Ball Stress RelieverSearching for amusing giveaways for your customers? Or even to kill tension in your workers? If yes, the customized Ball Stress Relievers are what you precisely need to boost your brand. Emboss a custom logo on the 1 ½” Diameter to give the ball a finished look. Adding to a custom logo, you get to pick from bright shades including lime green, purple, orange, yellow, white, blue, and dark green. Promote your business with the handcrafted chic polyurethane foam tension squeezers. They are fun to squash, very affordable, and tension’s nastiest enemy.Globe Shape Stress RelieverChill out and watch the people around you after adding customized Globe Shape Stress Relievers in your promotional campaign. The advertising strategy is not complete without a custom logo. The therapeutic balls are perfect giveaways during Earth Day or even green campaigns. With a diameter of 2 ½” and imprint area of 1 ?” W x 1″ H, be sure your custom logo will be visible even from far. Give your brand a boost when you employ customized Globe Shape Stress Reliever your major ‘squash.’Baseball Shape Stress RelieverHit a marketing jackpot with customized Baseball Shape Stress Reliever engraved with your logo. The stress relievers are fabricated from Polyurethane Foam making them easily squashable. Strike sales through the roof by adding some colors like white, pink, navy, red, and black. Baseball aficionados, players, as well as trainers will adore these customized Baseball Shape Stress Reliever. Grab the attention of customers with customized Baseball Shape Stress Reliever before the huge competition tags your brand out of business.Heart Shape Stress RelieverSpread some love to your clients with customized Heart Shape Stress Relievers. With an approximate size of 3″ W x 3″ H, and an imprint area of 1 ¼” W x 1 ¼” H, this awesome giveaway is ideal for hospital, health awareness programs, Valentine’s Day deals, and conferences. Get your custom logo embossed on the customized Heart Shape Stress Relievers today for optimum brand visibility.Star Shape Stress RelieverThat tension should be squeezed away with this glamorous freebie! It measures 3″ x 3″ H in size, this customized Star Shape Stress Reliever imprinted with your logo is great for conferences, company motivations, and wellness promotions. Have your custom logo printed on the 1″ W x 1″ H imprint area for optimum brand visibility. Comprising a polyurethane foam design together with assorted colors, this squashable, customized Star Shape Stress Reliever will render your next marketing campaign a show-stopper.Puzzle Piece Shape Stress RelieverExperience the feeling of success with a fun giveaway like customized Puzzle Piece Shape Stress Reliever. Measuring 3″ W x 2 ½” H x 1 ?” D in general size and 1 ?” W x ½” H on the imprint area, the promotion stress killer does come in white or blue colors. Add your custom or company logo to use as freebies for events like autism and wellness conventions.Beach Ball Shape Stress RelieverCustomized Beach Ball Shape Stress Relievers help your customers reduce tension and expose your enterprise when life is not a walk on the beach. With a 2 ¾” diameter, your customers will find relief with having this fun giveaway. Imprint your logo on the polyurethane foam ball, which goes back to its normal shape after squashing. Your custom logo does not flake or crack even after a million squeezes. That said your brand will be visible for quite some time.Cloud Shape Stress RelieverGrab the attention of more potential clients with customized Cloud Shape Stress Relievers with logo. Made from squeezy polyurethane foam, your customers can squash away their tension from the day’s activities. The promo product comes in white color and entails an approximate size of 3″ W x 2″ H and 1 ¾” W x 1″ H where your custom logo gets engraved. The customized Cloud Shape Stress Relievers with logo is sure to take your brand to cloud nine.Magnifier With LightYour custom logo must look amazing with a customized Magnifier With Light. The compact book light feels great in your hands and comprises an extra bright white LED light. With a 2x magnification, your customers get to read those tiny texts when the light is minimal with the handy magnifier. Imprint your company logo on a 1 ¼” W x 1 1?8″ H area to use as giveaways at book fairs, bookshops, and tradeshows.Bendable Book Light     Coming with an extra bright white LED light, a customized Bendable Book Light clutches onto books effortlessly to assist clients in reading in the darkness. With average dimensions of 1 ¼” W x 10″ H, you can choose from various colors like gray with black trim, blue with white trim, or even red.  The colors marry well with a custom logo imprinted on the 3?8″ W x 1″ H area. Relax and watch your business shine with customized Bendable Book Light.4 OZ. Candle In Round TinIs a promotional 4 OZ. Candle In Round Tin with the logo not a perfect giveaway for travelers or even massage parlors?  It is the time your business went green with all-natural soy candles. Soy candle way is eco-friendly and has no toxic elements like petrol-carbon soot. The environmental-friendly promo items are in various fragrances and colors. While you make your clients feel relaxed, a promotional 4 OZ. Candle In Round Tin will keep them coming back. Also, they spread your brand message to loved ones, workmates, family, and even at school if your clients are learners.Snap Top Tin CandleDecontaminate the air around your customers with promotional Snap Top Tin Candles imprinted with your company logo. made for the toxic-free candle was this fun giveaway is way cleaner than paraffin. Besides preserving our planet, promotional Snap Top Tin Candles with logo comes in different colors and fragrances like white/ ivory, navy/ Hawaiian paradise, yellow/ lemon chiffon, green/ baked apple, pink/ fresh cut roses, red/ cinnamon, and blue/ ocean mist. The 3/4″ x 2 1/8″ sized tin fits any company logo for a customized giveaway. myCharge AMPMINI Portable ChargerAMPMINI Portable Charger will be an ideal personalized promo item for your clients as well as workmates. With a logo imprinted, your customers will take your brand with them wherever they go. Other accessories coming with the customized charging devices include a carrying purse, a recharging cable, and a manual. The promotional charger does give you 10 hours of talk time worth charge for your mobile phone. Just consider the massive exposure your business will get using these amazing promotional AMPMINI Portable Chargers.myCharge AMPMAX Portable Charger with FlashlightOffer your valued customers 45 hours of charger either on their smartphones or even tablets with giveaways you’re your logo engraved. The 6000 mAh personalized promo AMPMAX Portable Charger with Flashlight, comes embedded with a LED flashlight to lit up the darkness. Also, it entails four LED indicators that render this promo product an ideal giveaway for your clients. Not only will your recipients spread the word regarding this incredible handout, but also market it, too.Square Power Bank 2000 mAhCharge up the lives of your family, loved ones, and even customers with personalized promo Square Power Bank 2000 mAh. Engraved with a logo of your company, the personalized promo item is perfect for travelers since they are compact and can easily fit in the palm or purse. Never allow your customers get stranded after their devices get depleted of power. The magnificent promo gift will make them remember you as well as help you surge your sales.myCharge RAZOR MAXPersonalized promo myCharge RAZOR MAX is a great giveaway for customers as back up for their mp3 devices, tablets, and smartphones. The mammoth of power gives your phone enough juice to run for a whopping 45 hours. The shake to activate feature coupled with 6000 mAh battery, will make the recipients spread the word when the product has a custom logo imprinted wherever they go. Other features include SmartSense Technology to identify and juice up any gadget and fast-charging technology.myCharge RAZOR PLUSSkyrocket your sales via handy freebies like the personalized promo myCharge RAZOR PLUS. Emboss a custom logo on the aluminum portable charger, to power up your marketing strategy. These personalized giveaways are ideal for events, electronic shops, smartphone fairs, and music concerts. The keepsakes with logo imprinted on 2-1/2″w x 1-1/2″h area, takes just 4 hours to get fully charge and can provide 50 hours of power. Keep your sales on top with personalized promotional myCharge RAZOR PLUS portable charges, not forget to imprint them with a custom logo.