Hip-Hop hip-hop music, in general, keep going because

Hip-Hop once was one of the most meaningful and diverse genres of music and it will always stay like that. When hip-hop started its golden age brought Run D.M.C., Public Enemy, N.W.A, Eric B. & Rakim and so many other rappers who wrote a song Fight the power, which was obviously a great hit because it was mainly a message to make the black community stronger. Since Hip-Hop started it had always talked about the struggle within the black communities, police brutality, real-life stories, gangs, and drugs. Now hip-hop is mainly about sex, money, individuality, etc. Many of the people who believe that hip-hop has declined are mainly because they are set on what they knew the golden areas of hip-hop were. Now many of us see that hip-hop has changed drastically and many times we think that hip-hop is not true anymore to its own roots as it was before. Hip-hop music has also characterized by the way that the rappers dressed making their fans follow their fashion. In the essay, “Hip Hop, music and fashion” it states that “after the 1970s, hip-hop fashion has evolved into another different style. Today, it is a popular style of fashion for teenagers all over the world” from ukessays.com. Rappers like Big Sean, Young Thug, Kanye, Drake, among others have been an inspiration for all young teenagers who are following their fashion, getting dressed like them even when going to school violating the dress code. In many cases, people would see this as a bad thing because of all the things that happen with gangs. Most rappers do talk about fashion which is what makes them get more popularity.  Fashionable rappers tend to come out with some really weird trends, which is what makes others wonder if that raper can wear that trend then I’ll rock it as well. Another trend that many of people are doing because of many rappers doing it is the ‘golden teeth’. Hip hop, music, and fashion state that, “Hip-hop fashion really matters for most adolescents, and is the new trend today” from ukessays.com. Today’s generations are the ones who are making hip-hop fashion and hip-hop music, in general, keep going because they start by listening oldies which are the better ones than today’s songs. Many of the old hip-hop songs have great messages that today’s songs do not do that’s what makes old hip-hop better than today’s. Back in the days when hip-hop was better was when the songs were about real life stories, struggles, and family. Now hip-hop is still been listen by so many of us even though it is not like the old hip-hop. Today’s hip-hop songs are not really characterized by their messages if not by their beat. I’m not really a big fan of hip-hop but I do enjoy listening to many songs that have positive messages that make me feel better when I’m down or when I need to relax. One of the songs that I enjoy listening is Keep ya head up by Tupac. This song has a really good message because it relates to the real world. Tupac had always right about good, positive messages and this song is one of my favorite because it does not degrade women. In his song, Tupac says “I wonder why we take from our women, why we rape our women, do we hate our women? I think it’s time to kill for our women. Time to heal our women, be real to our women” from YouTube.com. Basically stating that why to treat bad women when women are the ones who give life’s if it wasn’t for women we would not be born. This song is also a great hit that makes me feel good because it has such a positive flow that today’s songs don’t have. Keep ya head up is based on nothing but the truth where Tupac it’s just giving his candid opinion.Many people tend to hate hip-hop because they see it as the main reason to turn kids into criminals. Many parents sometimes question us that why do we listen to this type of music when we can listen to another genre of music where people are actually singing and not just making nonsense sounding like tongue twisters. Parents worried when they see their kids listening to hip-hop because they see it as a really bad example for them. In Is gangsta Rap Hurting America’s children it states that “there are many young people who are affected by the lyrics, by the example of the videos” from foxnews.com. Referring that today’s hip-hop has given really bad influences to today’s kids making them in a way going into bad directions by making wrong decisions. Today’s kids do tend to listen to a lot of hip-hop because when they do their parties (kickbacks) as today’s kids called them most of the time is the music they play why?. Because today teenagers this is the music that they are starting to enjoy and maybe even making them feel good about them. Honestly, there is always a good way of finding hip-hop as a positive genre of music. Many people should stop hating and thinking that hip-hop can make their kids into bad persons because this kind of music does not tell kids to be like criminals, drop out of school and just be thinking about money and girls. Kids have their life in their hands and if they make good or bad decisions is because that how they want to be. No one, in this case, hip-hop music is leading them to make bad decisions, anyone who listens to this genre of music has their own reasons, maybe because many songs are inspirational, or it can be because they one day want to become and be like their favorite rapper. Lastly, hip-hop should not be seen as a bad thing because many songs have really good lyrics and messages about life that make others feel good about them. As we see now hip-hop has been making some big changes throughout the years which some are good and some are bad. The message of the songs, the beat, and the style have been the main ones that have changed more about hip-hop through the years. Hip-hop is the genre that might keep been listened throughout the coming years because is a music many teenagers use to party and to sometimes help them achieve what they want because of some song lyrics. Many genres would at some point don’t even be listened too, which it won’t be the case of hip-hop. Because hip-hop has grown more through the years it became more popular since rappers are rapping about crime, their personal lives, and struggles. As of now, we won’t see hip-hop left in the past because future generations enjoy this type of genre starting with little kids enjoying the beat dancing to it and teenagers enjoying it all in general.