Hillary Rights are HumanRights” on September 5, 1995,

Hillary Rodham Clinton presented her speech “Women’s Rights are HumanRights” on September 5, 1995, at the UN Fourth World Conference onWomen. Held in Beijing, China, the conference focused on “Action forEquality, Development, and Peace” which was a perfect atmosphere forClinton’s message. The purpose of her speech was to convey how urgent theneed for equal rights is, and how women’s rights are vital to the future ofsociety. The speech is intended for not only women to take a stand on genderequality, but for men and government officials to realize that they need tomake a change in this world.Clinton spoke on poverty, abuse, and lack of health care for womenworldwide. in her speech, she describes how the process of providingeducation and safety for women could improve the world’s overall success.Inher speech, Clinton used different techniques to convince people and conveyher message to the audience. Clinton repeats phrases like “Their families willflourish” and “It is a violation of human rights”, repetition makes the idea stickwith a person and makes the message clearer to the audience, giving it moreimpact. She also attempts to appeal to people with children by forming theiroppressed and strained image in people's mind. She said she wants the goodfor further generations to come. This makes audience worried about the futureof their children and grandchildren, hence making them take an action tochange the situation.Few persuasive techniques include appealing to people's emotions. Clinton'sspeech displays this technique when she says, "We come together in fieldsand in factories. In village markets and supermarkets. In living rooms andboardrooms." Her words suggest that she is one of those everyday people infields, factories, markets, living rooms, and boardrooms. Clinton furtherexpands this idea by saying, "We share a common future." This statementsuggests that because we share the same future, we are on the same level.She is telling her audience that they should listen to her because she is one ofthem, and thus has similar goals. Clinton made the audience believe that theyare on the same ground and won their trust. When she says, "That is whyevery woman, every man, every child, every family, and every nation on ourplanet has a stake in the discussion that takes place here," she is againpromoting that idea of oneness, which is the sharing of both struggles andgoals. Clinton seeks to unite people by making them believe that they sharethe same future.She said “Earlier today, I participated in a world health organization forum…Tomorrow, I will attend a gathering of United Nations Development Fund forWomen”. Involvement in these powerful, global organizations gives hercredibility. Clinton utilizes her past experiences and draws from historicalevents to appeal to her audience and transmit her belief that “women’s Rightsare Human Rights” She tries to make herself trustworthy by saying that shehas been a part of organizations and women’s work.Hillary used her status and voice to support the cause for women, promotingequal rights in the workplace. Hillary discussed different parts of the world andhow women live there. She even gave the example of her own country,making the speech more genuine and it developed trust in the hearts ofpeople. hillary discussed the struggles in America, in the Declaration ofIndependence.Throughout the speech, Clinton was Serious, Determined and Persuasive.Words like abuse, rape, violence, and death aren’t used in a friendly and lightconversation, these are used on a severe issue. “we must,” “let us not forget,”let us heed that call”, all these phrases tell the audience to do something tochange the situation.The final message which Hillary Clinton wanted to convey was that Womenwork a tremendous amount to support themselves and their families.However, they are still not given credit. Women deserve the same rights aseveryone else and should not be discriminated against using emotional,mental, or physical torture. While some areas try to help women, the wholeworld needs to realize the work of a woman and that they should be treatedas equals with dignity and respect. Hillary was successful in conveying thismessage to the audience all over the world.Hillary's speech was excellent and it certainly made an impact on people allover the world but it was completely focused on women and their rights, shedid not mention anything about the transgender community which is alsosuffering the similar issues. They are also denied rights and in some casesmore than a woman. Transgender also live a painful life, they are denied fromjobs just because of their appearance. They are also human and they havefeelings.They should also get equal rights as everyone.Clinton did a great job of establishing credibility and trust within the context ofher speech on women's rights. All in all, the speech comes together very welland practices rhetoric appeals to persuade the audience to agree with whatshe is arguing. She also emphasized on crucial words making speech muchmore effective. Her confidence is reflected and displayed throughout thespeech making the speech a great success.