“Here don’t have a right to just kill

is the reality, things have never been better for women in the United States.”(Ben
Shapiro) To start, the supposed income gap, women make 78 cents for every
dollar a man gets. Women’s idea of a war on reproductive rights but, nobody has
the right to kill an unborn child. On to sexual assault that is, according to
leftists, is on the rise. Here is the way it is, it is a great time to be a

supposed income gap that women make 22 cents less than every dollar a man makes
is absurd. To defeat this statement,
women do work less than men, in actuality married
women who work 40 hours a week make 88 percent of what men do.
Single women under the age of thirty and work the same amount of hours as men
make 96 percent of what men make.
Yes the other four percent you were wondering about is accounted for when you
look at the job risks men take that women don’t.
Men work riskier labor and higher risk of firing jobs which in turn women take
jobs that are more secure from both a higher risk of firing and the riskier labor
jobs. Also,
men don’t tend to spend their college years studying liberal arts as most women

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on to the war on reproductive rights. First off nobody has the right to kill an
unborn child, simply because that is not a reproductive right. You don’t have a
right to just kill a baby so that it is more convenient to you, and if you were
to kill the baby inside the womb we consider it to be a human right and you
wouldn’t face the consequences of being charged with first degree murder if the
baby was outside the womb and you just suck a knife thought it to rid of your
mistake of not using a contraceptive. You cannot tell me having an abortion at
any stage of a developing baby is legal because lots of things have been legal
in history that are not right. For example, slavery, that wasn’t right for a
white person to own somebody of a different race just because they were a
different race but, still legal back then.  Moving on to contraceptives, contraceptives
have never been more available and cheaper. Condoms cost about .20 cents a pop
and if you are really active that puts you at a buck a week, so four bucks a
month. Will you go broke in four bucks a month?