Hello for the 2 races (white and black)

Hello this essay is about the immigration of 1790-present you will see the separation of the paragraphs.Before 1790.  1790-1830The people came here for many reasons. A lot  of the people that did come here because they needed to come for religious reasons some were being persecuted:subject (someone) to hostility and ill-treatment, especially because of their race or political or religious beliefs.”his followers were persecuted by the authorities”. They were also immigrated here because they thought they would be treated as the same.1830-1880The second wave of US. Immigration occurred in 1820-1880. Many people came in this time period.The people that came here some were welcomed but others weren’t welcomed. The people that came were:German Empire,Ireland,Britain,Austro-Hungarian Empire,Canada,China and Africa. The total people that came was 15.3 million. At the time America was really racist at the time so it was really hard for the immigrants.1880-1930When people were coming they had to be inspected because, if you were sick they would chalk you for further inspection. If you were sick they would bring you to the hospital on Ellis island. Ellis island burned down sadly but they rebuilt which was good. Then they thought what would happen if you had a piece of paper to show weather you could even board the ship.1900-1970-1965-present The great internal migration was from 1900-1970 there was heavy immigration because the growing jobs in America the jobs were mainly farm work. World war 1&2 made work grow tremendously making Los Angeles and Detroit into boom towns it states in the article that (it is estimated that over 70% of these migrants were black. This would greatly alter the racial makeup of America. In 1900 92% of the black population of the US was concentrated in the South while today only about 47% lives there.) their were some crazy things that happened like for the 2 races (white and black) there was a real struggle in economic opportunity.blacks were willing to take the worst bottom jobs that whites didn’t need anymore so blacks were getting them.they also worked in stock yards and in slaughterhouses domestic servants and on the railroads so they took what they could get. Th African population grew outside the south tremendously from 740,000 to 10.6 million in 70 years it changed from that to that. Whites fled to suburbs out of the city while blacks had to stay into the inner city.The Fourth Wave has primarily settled in 7 states: California, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey have over 70% of the immigrant population. The reasons for the increased population is rising population pressures,the intense poverty of Third World countries, and government repression. Another reason the fourth wave began because their was big segregation so they confronted the issue and fixed it. No one thought the long term effects for the immigration law at the year 2000 it was estimated 5 million cam every year.Those where my paragraphs