Helana be used in hydroelectric power (Renewable Energy

Helana GorhamGovernment FinalRenewable Energy America heavily relies on non-renewable energy sources like coal, oil and natural gas. Someday it’s going to be too expensive or too damaging to the environment to get and use these resources. We have options that are renewable and better for the environment that can make non-renewable energy a thing of the past. Some examples of renewable energy use wind, water, the sun and biomass to create their energy. These sources of energy can be connected into one big cycle that keeps renewing. Heat from the sun creates solar power but also wind. The sun evaporates water and creates rain which can be used in hydroelectric power (Renewable Energy world, lines 1-13). These sources are not just easier to get and last longer, they are better for the environment as well. Unlike resources like coal they do not release harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Renewable energy will also create a lot of a new jobs than energy sources like fossil fuel. America will also spend less money on fossil fuels so they can focus their money on better renewable energy. If America makes the leap to renewable energy it will help reduce climate change which is a huge issue for every country. China produces the most pollution but, America isn’t that far behind in second place so America needs to change like China in order to fix the issues. The government could do more especially with Trump in office with climate change deniers but America has slowly made big impacts against climate change and for renewable energy. Even some things that might be viewed as small can make big changes to help with global warming and the bad effects we have had on the environment and Earth. Recently scientists have discovered the hole in the ozone that was created with the use of substances like aerosol has gotten smaller and is predicted to be gone by 2060 and 2080 (Freeman, lines 24-25). The ozone hole closing is result of the aerosol ban which started in Sweden in 1987. This helps prove that even any types of actions can help affect the environment for the good or bad. The Earth is not completely doomed because we still have time to change effects of climate change with help of big governments like America. If the government does more to push renewable energy that could be a giant step forward for the climate. The US Government has the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) which is responsible in energy use and pushes renewable energy in federal agencies which are the largest energy consumers in the nation (Energy.gov, lines 6-9). While there is a lot the government is doing there is also a lot that the government in lacking like Trump dropping out of the Paris Climate Accord. America is the only nation currently not in the Paris climate accord.