Hector dreams of a “better tomorrow” and act

Hector RomeroMrs. Surber Cyber High21 January 2018Napoleon Bonaparte a HeroHeroes are people who have the dreams of a “better tomorrow” and act to their dreams, even though they would need to get through trials. Around mid 1700’s was the French Revolution, one of the best heroes from my world history class history appeared, which was Napoleon. He was a hero in French history because he brought himself to power to protect his country. Bonaparte was able to make unity and stability, both politically and economically, in France, which is one of the strongest European nations.He was not only an excellent leader, but also a dominate war leader. He is a hero because he was able to give people rights and freedom, and formed an astounding educational system. Along with his excellent skills and militarism, he became one of the greatest French leaders and heroes. Napoleon started his military career as a beginner junior officer in the French army.He was a passionate man who always put his own life before others. His talent to risk himself in the line of duty to his country also betters the heroic quality. He was a brave man and risked his life for other men. He’s an unquestionably born leader. Often in the worst conditions, he took a role to protect his fellow people. This is what makes him an excellent hero. He was not the type of man to sit back and watch.He took it upon himself to fight, he established the meaning of hero. Later in his military career, he becomes general of the forces in Italy. In the battle of Austerlitz, the French were losing until he came and restored the army back to normal. In the intense battle with Austria and their allies, his army was outnumbered about one to two but with his military strategy, he  was able to defeat them and be able to free Italy.This is a true test of his abilities as a war leader and as a hero. His law that continues till this day worldwide. It makes everyone equal before law, regardless of whether that person is from royal status or a peasant. His influenced places, the people were citizens not subjects. People had some power, just the wealthy, over electing to government positions.The people while living in his reign was difficult for many, but the big difference was that they could make something of themselves without a high power or person telling them. He brought the idea of getting a job based on your skill and experience from a particular field of your expertise. In most countries in Europe, if you were not a noble or wealthy enough to marry into a noble bloodline then, you were reduced to a life of a peasant. With him, anyone could choose what they want to be based on their hard work and experience, not what you born into.