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he Importance of Peers and Role Models of AdolescentsA Millenials of today would clone to become a looner because of the exposing of new technology which adopt by the adults and the big impact of this is loosing peers and never become a role models,so what would be the importance of having peer and being a role models of Adolescents.Being a adolecents the importance of peer is your peers is the reason why you will know that you are already in the adolescents stage.For example,I have three friends who are already matured then I am the only young in our circle of friends for in the situation I can easily defined my self if I am really on the adolescents stage already.Adolescents are faced with many difficult life decision which,when coupled with their lack of self-knowledge cause identity crises.Not secure in themselves,teenagers must make decisions concorning how they will act,with whom they will associate,and what life decisions they will choose.Ultimately,the process by which they determined their identity must ,of necessity,be one of trial and error.Adolescents are sometimes confused about how they feel,and thus,they tend to act out either passive or outrageousways such as dying their hair in different colors or even strange ways of wearing pants.Adolescents are in a stage full of encenterties,therefore,teenagers feel the need to find something that they can cling to which would make them feel like they belong somewhere or to something in society.As a results,adolescents often find ways to confirm by forming a small cligue or crowd.Besides forming a cligue or crowd,they may look to other alternatives which would influnced the paths of life that they want to take.Examples of such alternatives could be celebrities,teachers,relatives or maybe other role models in society.Unlike why they are children,adolescents begin to move away from the family circle.Therefore,alternatives such as celebrities,teachers or friends are more fanorable than parents or relatives.Do these actions leads to their maturity? In order to mature,adolescents must experience identity crises.Being a teenager means a lot of things.It is that sometimes awkward time between being carefree child to a full grown responsible adult,which is why it is so important for there to be good role models for teenager at this vulnerable time.They are easily influenced by the world around them and need a strong figure for them to aspire to and lead then in the right direction to becoming a respected adult.Without role models it is easy to become confused about what you really want it is easy to become confused about what you really want to do with your life and follow the wrong crowd down a destructive path.Becoming a member of peer group is one of the immediate effects of adolescence.Peer groups influenced adolescents society and identify by allowing young people to explore individual interests and rank within a group of friends.There may be costs associated with becoming a member of a group of people,which includes,substance abuse,risk taking behavior,and sexual activity may represent efforts to conform to the norms of the group and to demonstrate commitment and loyalty to other group members.Peer pressure is a process of empowerment.It can be definded as pressure from peers to do something or to keep from closing something else no matter if you personally want to or not.The central issue of peer pressure is that individuals are motivated to act and think in certain warp because they been urged,encourage,or pressured by a peer to do.They may be positve and negative effects to peer pressure.If good grades are in influence to you and your friends that is positive peer pressure.On the other hand if the group thinks that it is cool to steal and your steal to fit into the group that is negative peer pressure.Growing up involves many changes.Dying to figure out who you are and where you belong may cause an enormous amount of stress.This is the time where you are making your own decisions and taking control.Furthermore eve should known our limitations and bound aries as well.We should act like one,if peers is totally in bahalf.In the other hand,adolescents is more serious that what we thought.Peer Pressure is an influence that createson the desire for changes.”Most teenagers agree that they will follow a peers decision rather than their parents or the authorities.Peers are more influence in a ferens lifuring adolescence are,peer groups tends to face drammatic changes Adolescents tend to spend more time with their peers and have less supervision.Adolescents communication shifts during this time as well.They prefer to talk about school and their careers with their parents,and they enjoy talking about sex and other interpersonal relationship with their peers.Children look to join peer group who accept them,even if the group is involed in negative activities children are less likely to accept those who are different from then and tend to have more powers than parents.