Having get comfortable with new acquaintances and we

good friends around you that you can always trust and consider as
family is always a wonderful blessing. It’s never easy to find
these kinds of people and it’s never an accident that you met them
in the first place. You treat them with respect and will never dare
to take them for granted. It’s always easy for most of us to
introduce ourselves and get acquainted to others right away and
create a special connection. Most of us finds it effortless to get
comfortable with new acquaintances and we immediately begin to share
things with them like our favorite sports, our hobbies or favorite
shows and so much more. This always sparks the blastoff of a
friendship that is hard as nails and will surely last a lifetime.

being congenial for most of us is such a plain sailing, many still
finds it burdensome to even say a simple “hello” to others. It
could be because of fear of rejection, insecurities or negative
notions. If you were one of those who are stuck in such a belief that
nobody would ever want to make friends with you because of the many
unpleasant things that you see in yourself, now is the best time for
you to destroy all these insecurities and start building a new you.
We are the only ones allowing these insecurities to consume us until
we become succumbed to the fear that we do not fit in anywhere. Let
go of these negative thoughts and start looking at yourself as a
genuine person. The first thing people will notice about you is the
way you look. But the first thing they will love about you is your

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you have released yourself from your mental hurdles to becoming more
friendly, start feeding your mind with positive thoughts. Be more
optimistic and try to smile more often than before. People around
will quickly notice the change in your aura and this will have a good
effect to them as well. You are radiating positive energy. Wherever
you are, even in a very unfavorable circumstance, always find the
good side of being in such a situation and then start working your
way out. Stop complaining. Nobody finds the pleasure of being with
someone who complains a lot and does not appreciate the value of
things around them. Be more compassionate and burn down all your
prejudices against others and start being more compassionate. Be fair
and always understand that there is always a reason why people behave
the way they do and it’s always not about you.

you really wanted to have long lasting friendships, you must be
willing and prepared to invite people in your life and you must be
willing to trust them. You must also make every effort to gain their
trust as well. Be willing to be your friend’s confidante. A genuine
friend will never share secrets to others or even try to make gossips
out of it. You don’t want to destroy the trust they have given you.
Your friends will sometimes ask for your help if they are in a
difficult situation. Always learn to listen and be always ready to
share your thoughts on what they can do to help themselves out. Be
sensitive and try to see yourself in their situation and understand
how difficult it could be to be in such a mess. Being empathetic
makes others feel that you know exactly what they are going through
and you understand why they are feeling that way. Show them that you
are willing to help them in any way that you could.

finding true friendship, you must also be willing to explore and
socialize. Always staying at home and hiding under the sheets will
never bring a single person willing to be your friend at your door
step. If you are not a fan of socializing, now is the time for you to
start making yourself more approachable and conversational. On days
that you are free, go to your favorite coffee shop. You don’t
usually talk to anyone in this coffee shop except whenever you make
your orders. But as your new leaf, this time once the waitress brings
you your cappuccino, tell her that you love it so much and that’s
why their shop is your favorite in town. You will be surprised of
what you will get in return – a friendly smile from a stranger. Give
compliments every time other people did something good for you. Sweet
compliments especially from the heart makes you feel as much better

one is meant to walk in this world alone. If you feel like nobody
wants to make friends with you or nobody likes you, maybe there are
some changes in yourself that you must do. Maybe there is something
with the way you speak that makes people hesitant in talking to you.
Maybe you are isolating yourself that makes it difficult for others
to reach you. Now is the best time for you to start building a new
and much better version of yourself. How can you make friends if are
still afraid to get out of your comfort zone? Once you have overcome
these obstacles, you will be amazed of the amount of love and care
that you will come pouring at you from the people that you now
consider as friends. It always feels good to be loved, right?