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Have you ever wondered why Marijuana is illegal when Tobacco is worse for the body but yet it is legal? For years these two natural plants have been around, starting off in China and working it way down to the use. These plants were used in multiple ways, from clothing to  cooking supply to work supple, some smoked it and some did not even use it. So what is the difference between these two plants? It’s history, how the body reacts to this product, industry and medical benefits and harm.   Tobacco has been one of the most important money making crops in the farming industry of America, it has mainly been native in the Northern and Southern parts of the American continent. It had become known all around the world due to the spread of European exploration in the 15th and 16th century.  It had been discovered that it could be used as medication and as a hallucinogen, which was being used in such way by the Native Americans. After the explorers voyage in the Americans, they had returned back to Europe with this newly found plant, which had been quickly become endorsed by the rich and poor people in a way such used as a drug of their choice. At first it had been banned by the kings and popes, but after they started to realize the effects it had on the economy and it’s vast popularity, had forced the acceptance of this plant among many cultures all around the country. “It quickly spread throughout the civilized world and became a foundation for the growth of the American economy” (as stated by Jason Young in The History of Tobacco and Its Growth Though The World). For many years, tobacco has been used for cigars, cigarettes, snuff, pipes, and as well as for chewing tobacco. Different types of the tobacco plants have particular characteristics correlated with the speed the smoking burns at, for example fast burning and slow burning, which have become notably popular in all different parts around the world. The initial active ingredient of tobacco is the alkaloid nicotine, which is responsible for the narcotic and soothing qualities it provides, but could also cause various types of cancer and have other harsh effects. One of the long term effects it could have on the body is mainly in the lungs. One of the most frequent problems today all over the world that is killing people, is the consumption of tobacco. Most people develop their smoking habit because of stress and personal issues. One cigarette can lead to a major addiction. “When someone smokes a cigarette they are not only hurting themselves, but others around them due to secondhand smoking.  Almost everyone knows that smoking causes cancer, and heart disease; and lead to shortening your lifespan” (as written by the American Academy of Pediatrics in their ” The Dangers of Secondhand smoke”) The cost of an annual smoker could be up to hundreds of dollars each year depending on how much they smoke on a weekly bases. Smoking is a tough habit to break because of the nicotine contained in the tobacco, which is eminently addictive. Nicotine is known to reduce tension and it is also believed that it helps calm down people who are anxious and worried. Although, people smoke can smoke anytime for example when they are depressed or even lonely and bored, the smoking is like a slow process of death. The main negative effects of smoking are primarily lead to asthma, then lung cancer, or a heart disease leading to a strokes, and wide variety of other diseases. Smokers experience more coughing and colds as compared to a person who does not smoke. Besides affecting oneself, it also has a negative impact on those around the smoker,  which is also known as second hand smoking. Also any pregnant women who is exposed to cigarettes smoke will  increase the risk of having abnormal baby. “There are over 4000 toxic substances in a cigarette. Some of these are: Arsenic (found in rat poisons), Acetic acid (found in hair dye developer), Ammonia (found in household cleaners), Benzene (found in rubber cement), Butane (found in lighter fluid), Carbon Monoxide (found in car fumes), Hydrazine and Methanol (both found in rocket fuel), and many more” (written in “Smoking and Tobacco uses” by Charles Coats). Smoking is a routine which individuals find difficult to withdraw from. It could take people months if not years to get rid of their habit. “The tobacco industry tells the public that it employs close to two-hundred thousand employees, but according to CorpWatch, the manufacturing and farming employees have plummeted due to mechanization, and increased the amount of imported tobacco from foreign countries. In the U.S. the unemployment rate has increased by ten percent” (documented by San Francisco Tobacco Free Coalition and the San Francisco Tobacco Free Project in the “Tobacco’s Impact on The Economy”). Given by the Center of Disease Control, the total amount of public and private health expense due to the use of tobacco product is about 96 billion dollars per year. This is the sum that Americans throw away on health care bills due to smoking, chewing, and absorb the second hand smoke. The Analysis Center disclosed that about 371 billion cigarettes have been sold since the year 2006. The United States has collected over four hundred billion dollars in tax revenue just from the selling tobacco products. The fact of  how dangerous the use of  tobacco really is should be one main reason for the government to decrease or stop the selling of the product. The government may be producing a great sum of tax revenue from tobacco sales, but on the negative side they are putting out ninety-seven billion dollars in Medicare bills due to the use of tobacco. Although tobacco brings a great amount of money into the economy, it also causes health problems. Therefore the government should evaluate these facts and decide if tobacco products are  really worth producing in the United States. Another hallucinogenic plant known as cannabis; commonly referred to as marijuana in its harvested form, is one of the most ancient plants cultivated by mankind. Originally, it was produced by the Chinese, they took this plant and used it for many things that they produced in their culture. An ingredient released by cannabis plants are hemp seeds, which are highly resourceful and used to produce countless materialistic items. There are around an estimated 5000 different ways to use hemp from cannabis plants, the most produced material was paper,  followed by fishing nets, and clothes.. Hemp seeds have high levels of amino acids. This is acid can be beneficial for the human body. From hemp seeds can come porridge, flour or unsaturated oil, which are the main ingredients used for cooking. The Chinese wore hemp clothes because it was cheaper than silk string. The fabric produced from the seeds made excellent work cloth that was very strong and durable. Today’s uses for cannabis are different from the way they had been used in the past. Present day, cannabis is used specifically for it’s euphoric effects upon consumption. Marijuana is the bud of the cannabis plant is consumed through ingestion of smoking or eating, this leading to the euphoric sensations individuals  experience during consumption and is known as a “high”. Another popular form deriving from the cannabis plant is the hash, which contains around the same hallucinogens as the marijuana buds. A person obtains this high by smoking the hashish compound which is “an extract of the cannabis plant, containing concentrations of the psychoactive resins.”