hadith uttered by the Prophet Muhammad. Also called

hadith qudsi?An
individual saying from the Hadith,
as uttered by the Prophet
Muhammad. Also
called hadith rabbani or hadith ilahi (divine hadith). Refers to a saying
(hadith) of the Prophet Muhammad in which the meaning is revealed by God and
the phrasing is formulated by the Prophet. Unlike prophetic hadith (hadith
nabawi), the chain of transmission is traced back directly to God instead of
ending with the Prophet. In contrast to the Qur’an, which is
considered divine revelation in both meaning and wording, the authenticity of
sacred hadith varies from one narration to another, and they may not be recited
in prayer. They function as extra Qur’anic revelation.


hafiz al Qur’an, hafiza al Qur’an?A person who has
memorised the Qur’an
in its entirety. Although such people still exist, in the early days of the
transmission of Islam,
such knowledge was vital as most Muslims
were illiterate, the printing press had not been invented and the word of God could only be
passed on orally.

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Hagar?The second wife of Abraham, and the mother
of his first son, Ishmael. In the Qur’an, Hagar is left in the Desert of Paran with her
infant child and was forced to go looking for water, travelling between two
hills in the process. This journey is represented by Muslims on the Hajj who process between the two hills in Mecca.

Hajar al-Aswad, al-, Hajre Aswad?The black stone which is attached to the eastern
cornerstone of the Ka’bah in Mecca. One of the aims of Muslims performing the Hajj is to touch or kiss the Hajar
al-Aswad, but with potentially three million Muslims making the pilgrimage
every year, this is a physical impossibility so on each of the seven cycles of
the Ka’bah, pilgrims point at it instead. Muslims believe that the stone dates
back to the time of Adam and Eve, to whom it fell from heaven as an
instruction as to where to build an altar; according to the Hadith it started
out white but was turned black by the sins of Adam’s sons.