Gun why is there more than 13000 homicides

Gun Violence in the United States will effect the rest of western countries


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Guns, very powerful and cool when when we´re young, the same person who grew up to be an adult. Is now feared for guns? Lets take our journey to the United States. Where mass shootings are a huge issue currently. And you wouldn´t expect that the U.S. To have these kinds of problems even though they are a developed country just as us in Sweden. But still they obtain these issues.  Everyday it seems that someone dies in the violence of a gun, why do the United States have these issue when they have one of the highest human development index in the world, why are adults killing the young population? Why do the police, the ones who are supposed to protect us targeting a group of people? Why is there  But most importantly why is there more than 13000 homicides every year and over 32000 gun related deaths?

Argument 1

Every year more than 32000 dies in the U.S. Due to a gun. Mass shootings being a increasing part of the everyday life of an American, over 96 brutal mass shootings has occurred since 1982, recently there was a shooting in Las Vegas. The shooter was Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old man who managed to smuggle 17 semi-automatic rifles and kill over 50 people, wounding 546 people. Remember people every gun was bought legally.

 What does this teach us about gun violence and the gun laws? If semi-automatic riffles are bought as easy as it is to buy as a can of soda in a grocery store, why do the workers of the government keep looking like a question mark once some kind of shooting has taken place, why do they not do something about it.  

Change has to be made.

Argument 2

 Change can not be made overnight, gun violence is something Americans are well adjusted to it since it seems to be an everyday issue, while gun violence seems to  be a hard issue resolve in U.S senate, we seem to forget people who are hurt or killed. We dig into statistics and find out some shocking facts, because who actually pulls the trigger, when we speak on mass shootings we speak on gun violence and gun control, and we speak “oh change has to be made”. But no 

We dig in to these statistics, 54 out of 96 mass shootings that has occurred has been done by a white male or female, 16 out of 96 mass shootings was made by a black male or female. Only five out of 96 mass shootings, was if found that the shooter was middle eastern or Muslim.

Look at this statistics only 21 out of 96 mass shootings were done by non-whites, but most importantly 21 out of 96, are the number of people who are targeted people. The black people and Muslim/middle eastern. Regular shootings takes place in the United Sates everyday, and there is so many that it do not make the big news as like cnn, fox news etc. But the majority of shootings who make it on the news are mass shootings.

As soon as mass shooting occur, the portrays starts. People speculating that it was man with a beard or black man. We invoke travel bans for innocent Muslim countries to prevent, what more mass shootings? The statistics speak for itself, a white man kills 58 people and wounds 546 people nothing happens. It creates diversity and negative portrays of other groups of people. How come there be some type of “change” when a non-white person pulls the trigger.  

Counter Argument

Although gun violence is a huge issue, it cannot be stopped. Stopping guns fully will not be possible, since like any criminal would do if something is illegal, they would use an illegal method to get it.  And any gun control laws affecting the use of guns could take a long time since caring a firearm is legal actually according to the second amendment.

Argument 3

From the Sandy Hook school shooting to Texas first Baptist church massacre. both shootings had semiautomatic rifles involved, legally purchased. Innocent lives were taken by guns, Sandy Hook had students as young as 1st graders, 5 years old was slain by a young man who obtained weapons of mass destruct, weapons to kill, weapons to create fear.

To the Texas Baptist church massacre, victims as young as 17 months old, five years old to 14 years old. Young children are being slaughtered, c hildren who has so much to look forward to liking us, playing with friends, going to school. But their lives were lost due to a person pulling a trigger. Lives shall not be slain by such young age, guns.

Is it not in these times, when families loses their children, brother and sisters losing each other, younger siblings who grows up without their lost siblings. That we need to speak on gun violence itself and gun control. Children are not to be slaughtered, they are here to build a future together with others. But a gun stopped them, and more will be killed if we do not do anything about it

Gun violence is huge issue in the United. States, we need gun control and laws that will protect people from getting killed. While we might not, know why people decide to pull that trigger, inequality could definitely be the factor on the rise of gun violence. As of  now, gun violence is on the rise here in Sweden, and if the U.S. Does not change. We might end up in the same trap. Gun control is needed.

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