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Great Source of Antioxidants There are various types of sorghum plants, some having high substance of cell reinforcements that are known to diminish dangers numerous maladies like neurological infections, diabetes, tumor, CVDs (cardio vascular sicknesses). Mitigating are additionally the wellspring of cancer prevention agents, that search free radicals that are in charge of maturing, irritation, different ailments. Sorghum contains high substance of cancer prevention agents (phytochemicals) like tannins, anthocyanin, phenolic acids, phytosterol and policosanols. Sorghum and sorghum flour the two gives same medical advantages as natural products. As per examine, the diary of Agricultural Food Chemistry found that cell reinforcements – anthocyanin are available in dark, brown, red sorghum grains. High cancer prevention agent movement and pH soundness were found in sorghum and was three to four times higher than some different grains. Dark sorghum is particularly known to be high cancer prevention agent sustenance and had the most noteworthy substance of anthocyanin. Normally, sorghum grains have a waxy layer that encompasses the grains and contains defensive plant mixes like policosanol. Policosanol has demonstrated constructive outcomes for heart wellbeing and have indicated cholesterol bringing down potential in human examinations, once in a while even practically identical to that of statins. Sorghum grains likewise have a characteristic, waxy layer that encompasses the grain and contains defensive plant mixes, for example, the sort called policosanol, which inquire about proposes has positive ramifications for cardiovascular wellbeing. Policosanols have indicated cholesterol-bringing down potential in human examinations, now and then even practically identical to that of statins. The policosanol introduce in sorghum flour makes it a potential cholesterol-bringing down sustenance. Other research demonstrates extraordinary potential for phenolic mixes found in sorghum to help with blood vessel wellbeing, battling diabetes and notwithstanding averting tumor. For the most part situated in the grain division, phenolics result in the plant having significant cancer prevention agent properties and non-enzymatic procedures that assistance battle pathogenesis at the base of numerous diabetic complexities and cell changes.