Gmos probably wondering why is this a problem

Gmos what are gmos well gmos is what we use in today’s food which is also called genetically modified organisms this mean we change the genetic makeup of the food.Gmos are now more common in food today the question to is like to ask is is the add Gmos the solution to food problems or is a danger to us with us knowing it yet. Gmos do have so good aspects to it but that view is not enough to out weights the bad gmos have to them.Gmos have been seen to have harmful effects to the environment and this is seen over the time of gmos then there  is the matter where gmos should be a person choice if a person what to eat gmo based food. Gmos can affect are own health gmos have the risk of us making antibiotics resistant and make antibiotics have no effect on us when we get sick of a illness.Gmos Natural Resources at Washington State University has study that super weeds have grown with the help of gmos that we use in today food. You probably wondering why is this a problem well you see superweeds is when the crop is resistant to pesticides  which is need make sure the crop are not eaten. This bad because as you we need food to eat that is a very basic thing we need but gmos can make it hard for farmers to grow crops in numbers. In time these supercrop can bring more trouble or unknown effect down the line 34% of farmers has said that superweed have been growing more and often from gmos and they lose more of their stock of crops which makes them lose out on money and lose out on food for the market. The environment is affected as well like the animals that eat the crops/food that is made with gmos a  Dr. Art Dunham, an Iowa veterinarian has treated animals for decades said that the react animals that are farm animals have had very bad health. These animals as well have caught a lot of illness from eating gmos food base over time these animals die slow and painful study’s from doctors has show how the animals have reacted to the gmos it negative results on how the gmo react to the animals body and yet we have them in our own food.Food today has gmos it sold in supermarkets and then sold to us companies like to buy gmos food because it cames in large quantities which for them means more to sell and more money. It is the right for them to buy what them want to sell and make money on them but it is also the right of the people that buy that products to know what is in them. Well to the companies they don’t think so for gmo based foods over the past few year we had gmos gmo companies don’t want tell for it their right and the law is on their side with a few law that they don’t have to tell the consumer of their products which is fine but what about the people who don’t want to consume gmo based food. A lot of people want the products that are gmo based to have labels that says that it’s gmo based but the gmo companies don’t want to and don’t have to. Many have want a law past that make these gmo companies label gmo based foods but like the people of  california wanted but was repeal which angered the people that didn’t want to eat gmo based food. It is the right for us consumers to know what we are buying and what is  inside the product like would you buy a phone made with flammable parts no you  wouldn’t yet we don’t get that right if we want to eat gmos based food.In today century we have a modern science we leave for granted antibiotics this drug help us fight illness which we need to make us get better. Why would i be speaking about this will their had been study from doctors that has showed that gmos can make us antibiotic resistant which can be have very negative effect on us in the long run. The study show by harvard university as shown that gmo can affect a stomach bacteria that help fight and digest food that we eat and works with antibiotics heal illness. The study shows how it make that kind of bacteria get dissolved by gmo and gmo have a gene in them that can be mixed with own genes and that how we become antibiotic resistant.In the end of the day everyone at least has a opinion on gmos so are positive and so are negative as you see i look at gmos with a negative view. For the reasons like the effects of it on are environment because of superweed and how it affects the animals that have eaten has negative effect on their health. Like how gmo based companies don’t have to label or want to on their products and how the people who wish not to consume gmo based food. That gmo can make us become antibiotics resistant and make get worse with illness that can maybe kill us like maybe a simple cold. I see gmos with a negative view that has more negative than the positive that has been said about gmos it does not out weight the the bad so i don’t think that having gmo based food is a negative.