Global manner? How did they overcome the challenges?Yes,

Global Green Books business was successful and profitable in the first two years, but the business struggled because they facedthrough different issues that made them started problems. They were using all the new employees effectively. Jim King and Brad Mount unable to provide quality texts—time and money was being spent fixing defects in their products, they used to spend their time in fixing defects found in their projects instead of how to make a profitable project. Customer was unhappy.What were the specific PM solutions that were introduced by Samantha that worked?Samantha was anew part-time employees hired by Jim and Brad, she had taken a project management course at college, she noticed that they completed projects without a roadmap or a project plan Samantha had turned things around and introduced formal project management processes. Samantha wrote a Project Management manual then trained the employees to get the work donewell. She used her skills to solve problems by techniques to estimate, to communicate with stakeholders.What kind of suggestions would you give to Brad and Jim if you were the PM?Brad and Jim needed creative programs that will schedule the time of delivery. Training and communication with employees is necessary to achieve their objectives. They should being innovative, and have roadmap or a project plan .Are you aware of other similar start-up businesses that struggle in a similar manner? How did they overcome the challenges?Yes, i aware of other similar start-up businesses. A lot of companies faced issues but companies with good management can exit from its issues by development and training, planning .Global Green Books Publishing is a technology intensive business, but Samantha is not technically knowledgeable, will she continue to be a successful project manager?Samantha will use her knowledge and skills in management to achieve the project goals and objectives. With the project management strategies and technique which is done by the new project manager Samantha now is able to achieve the goals and objective assigned and satisfy the customer need and want when applying the proper planning of project management process. Also the project manager role is necessary in the most of the project whether the project is small or big business.