Giorgio These materials are scarce and precious

Giorgio Armani London store is the
latest developed retail outlet for the fashion icon. Armani hired the services
of Claudio Silvestrin to design this store. 
Armani has been a long time supporter of the simplistic nature of
Claudio’s architectural designs. The combination of his architectural design
and experience has helped bring elegance to most of the shops he has designed
for the fashion expert. The choice of material, the use of natural light and
the fluidity of the retail space are an important feature of this fashion
store. Furthermore, the entrance hall and staircases are designed using
articulate and sophisticated materials that bring about a unique atmosphere.
The material used for this building are few in number, precious, natural and
have an ancient history. Silvestrin uses Saint Maximin limestone to design the
walls and floor of the retail store; this material help creates a timeless
atmosphere for customers while shopping inside the shop. The furniture used in
the London retail store is designed for Macassar ebony and oxidized brass.
These materials are scarce and precious and help in enhancing the beauty and
physical appearance of the retail store

The entrance hall represents a
threshold between exterior and retail zone. The entrance is designed to create
a poetic pause for the various clients. Most of the buildings use water at the
entrance to create a magical space that transforms the clients’ world and
imagination. This design helps enhance the customer’s visual and mental picture
of the retail store bringing a positive picture of the design of clothes,
jewelry or cosmetics that are sold in the shop. Through the beautiful entrance,
the client is given a mental picture of quality products that are sold within
the business. The characteristic feature the London retail store is so powerful
than any sacred or archaic site. The power of the entrance helps draw clients
and build their confidence in Armani designs. Claudio uses simple and natural
elements to create an outstanding entrance that introduces people to a high-end
world full of fantasy and exquisite designs. Despite his simplistic language,
Claudio Silvestrin’s develops a strong and complex piece of architecture.

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helps create highly refined furnishings. Limestone is a soft material and helps
create a smooth texture that has a beautiful appearance. Furthermore, the uses
slender and elongated openings in the walls to create an outstanding view of
the retail store. Most of the environment within the store appears as
controlled space. Most of the products such as shoes and clothes appear to
float or suspended in a metaphysical environment. Claudio uses light to bring
these visual effects in the retail space.