Genuine some good memories or impressions both

Genuine happiness comes from
positive feelings its a positive state of mind. The majority of people do experience
happiness many times throughout morning, afternoon and night perhaps many
times, but they may not remember the specific situation that caused the
happiness because either they do not pay them attention or you take them for
granted. It is also true that happiness is short lived, it’s a temporary
mindset. It may leave some good memories or impressions both good and bad some
we would like to remain forever, others not so much, but happiness itself
remains fleeing in most cases.

There are a couple different
aspects to happiness. One is the state of happiness and the other being the experience
of happiness. The experience of happiness comes from your experience of
positive feelings that often occur from many different life experience’s or the
people you come in contact with in your life. For some the feelings of genuine
happiness come when you buy that new Red Corvette, The House on the beach,
buying your trophy wife that new five carat diamond ring, a country club golf
membership in Palm Springs these are not illusions. The state of happiness
starts with a person’s general mind set a positive attitude.  It t generally develops overtime as a general characteristic
or  aspect of one’s  personality, and influences your happy
thoughts or how you react or respond to the situation or specific circumstances
in your life. These thoughts are generally only temporary. For example for many
years a father and his son took up the sport of auto racing. Several times a
year both would attend the Winter Nationals in Pomona, tragically the young
man’s father dies after battling a terminal illness for ten years. In memory of
this young man’s father he decides on purchasing an early 1971 Chevelle SS and
the build begins in this young man’s fathers memory . For many years countless
hours goes into to the construction of this car, welding reinforcements to the
frame, thousands of dollars into a 454 cubic inch big block Chevrolet motor,
bucket racing seats with five point harness’s, Steele reinforced roll cage,
disk brakes all the way around, four link suspension with postreaction rear end.
Points being over the many years each one of these projects were experience’s
that brought true happiness to this young man’s life.

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       For a lot of people life has its challenges
and difficulty’s may it be financial problems, the lack of gainful employment or
just the struggles of everyday life brings all people on a day to day basis.
People have to sacrifice many things and personal freedom to make a living for
their families.  Hence, they do not
experience happiness as much as they would anticipate or would like to expect.
You cannot remove the many condition that happen in everyday life each day that
interferes with a person’s true happiness or increases a person’s discomfort
and unhappiness. You cannot be entirely free from stress and anxiety this will
never happen since life brings most people a lot of burdens upon them in their
struggle’s in the work place, at home the survival and search for a person’s
true unconditional happiness exist. However, a person can learn to be happy and
peaceful within your means and circumstances even in not so ideal conditions. You
can do it by changing your critical thinking, changing your mindset to
something positive rather than the negative , change ones expectations and
attitude all together. For example, if you go on a trip to the beach, and the weather is
terrible, you might not view it as a pleasurable happy go lucky experience. Instead,
you may view it as a challenge, and over time remember the positive aspects of
the experience more than the negative aspects. With other things you can’t do
this, because they are what they are. We often share stories about
positive experiences like a trip to the mountains skiing after they received
two foot of snow after a long drought because they’re more fun to talk about.
Those stories are simply more entertaining. For example, once a year a local
construction company would show their appreciation to their employees with a
trip to Mammoth. Each year they would close their doors for a week and rent a
fishing lodge at Convict Lake. The employees would spend an entire week

Fishing on pontoon boats, kayaking,
hiking, skiing, barbequing or just sitting around the campfire reminiscing
about events of the past. This was an all-expense paid trip by the construction
company for the employees. These experiences brought a lot of happiness to the
employees, they felt appreciated and not just being an employee, it built good
moral and motivated the employees to do better in the years to come. These
positive experiences created happiness for the employees.