Furthermore, Campus Network has more features than Facebook



Facebook had the technology and Zuckerberg was aware of what society wanted. Moreover
Facebook applied creativity and efficiency both together. (Grant and Jordan,
2015, p.216.) Zuckerberg provided a demand for his network which is another
reason why Facebook became famous in worldwide. In the other hand, Goldberg and
Ting’s idea and produce was not new and innovative enough and their strategy wasn’t
effective and aggressive. Another explanation why Campus Network failed is lack
of simplicity. Even though Campus Network has more features than Facebook it
does not enough for it success. Facebook was more easy to use, entering your
name and email address, than CU Community. (BBC News, 2010) CU community was more
complex. Facebook renewed its characteristics in a gradual way and considered
the Web’s learning progress while Campus Network done everything too rapidly
and soon. It can be concluded that a successful website always have range of
services that 80% of people would like to access. However, Goldberg and Ting’s
website did not have functionalities. (Johnson et al, 2017, p.315).


In article it can be examined that even Goldberg was the
first one who had the concept of that kind of network system Campus Network could
not grow like Facebook did, Nowadays Facebook is a multi-billion dollar
organisation and has over million users. There are number of causes that CU
Community didn’t last long, firstly Goldberg and Ting put all their own money
between $100,000 and $200,000 to keep Campus Network existing while Zuckerberg
had founder named Sean Parker.(BBC News,2010) Another reason is Facebook had
more strategic approach for its expansion than CU Community. Zuckerberg’s capability
is to consider future thing which has to be done. There was a lack of
advertising their products. Goldberg and Ting’s product did not become larger
as rapidly as Facebook. That phenomenon let Facebook to gain opportunity in
market potential. (BBC News, 2010)

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In that
article, in 2003 students from Columbia University Goldberg and Ting created a
network system Campus Network while Zuckerberg grew his social network,
Facebook in February. Goldberg and Ting’s network was more futuristic than
early adaptation of Facebook. However, Zuckerberg had more economic means and
was Harvard based. Campus Network had many attributes as an example photo
albums, music. After establishing the site, Goldberg changed the brand name CU
Community. Goldberg and Ting employed computer experts and found an office
which was Goldberg and Ting’s house in same time.(Johnson et al, 2017, p.315)