From in projects. The initial spark for science

From my childhood, I was curious about doing working model for the science project. Used batteries for those models later, I was taught that it was dc current. As a school kid, it was excited to glow a bulb and drive a motor in projects. The initial spark for science in me started there. A fascination for science and a keen interest in the ever-growing world of technology motivated me to take up Engineering. My enthusiasm towards Electrical and its related areas from childhood had intrigued me to opt for Electrical and Electronics Engineering as my undergraduate course. I would like to pursue my master’s program in Power engineering which deals with the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity as well as the design of a range of related devices.

As a high-school student, I had an aptitude for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. My distinction in Physics with an aggregate of 95 percent encouraged me to enhance my analytical skills and also pick a more practical approach towards the Electrical subject. Also during my high school studies, there was a severe shortage of power in the southern part of the country where I belong to. An energy crisis is a significant gridlock in the supply of energy resources to an economy. It showed me the importance of electricity for an economy. This prolonged for few years. At present, the power shortage is reduced but not completely recovered. My thoughts were on renewable energy. The world is moving towards the renewable source of energy including hydel, solar and wind power, etc. We have learnt a lot about renewable energy but there are some practical inefficiencies in implementing them. This motivated me to do the specialisation on the aforementioned subject.

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I am currently pursuing my undergraduate studies in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Anna University, Chennai. I have maintained good academic credentials throughout the duration of my academics. I also managed to strike a perfect balance with undergraduate research work which I pursued continuously over the course of my undergraduate degree. I think it is imperative to be adept at the subject matter fundamentals as it really helps in understanding the research objective and working towards the intended solution. I am interested in the diverse field of Energy Systems – in designing and developing advanced power electronic controllers, improving the energy storage methods and devising renewable energy based industrial applications.

 In order to further my knowledge and to get acquainted with professionals, I joined the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, as a Student Member in my sophomore year. Along with the IEEE membership, I also joined the IEEE Power and Energy Society. As a member, I had the opportunity to attend seminars and lectures on various subjects. I was fortunate to be influenced by the talks of speakers from all over the world, as the IEEE is a leading global institution for professionals. In 2016, I got the opportunity to be a part of IEEE summer sight camp which was conducted annually. A 5-day camp which had various themes like upliftment of the society, implementation of technologies in small-scale industries and so on.

The various programs undertaken by the Student Branch in my college focused on the social responsibility of professionals. They were aimed at transfer of knowledge to students at school and the underdeveloped sections of society. We as a team coordinated and executed a program called “Renewable Energy in Schools” that encourages Under-Graduate students to educate High School students about the importance of Renewable Energy which I did by presenting a seminar on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Solar Energy to the High School students of SBIOA Matric Higher Secondary School, Chennai. I also taught them about the working of an obstacle avoidance toy car powered by a fuel cell. I used this opportunity to not only enhance my technical fundamentals but also leadership and human resource skills. This is my third year as a Student Member of the IEEE. I am also an active blood donor at my institution’s National Service Scheme (NSS) camp.

In my final year, I was able to prepare a research paper titled, “Design and Development of Smart Branched Switch for Home Automation Systems”. It aimed to design a prototype of a smart control system for all electrical and electronic appliances in a house that will require minimal installation while offering a more comprehensive power monitoring and control. I was guided by Dr.Azhagumurugan who was my Professor. The paper was selected for a presentation at the IEEE Technically Sponsored “International Conference on Smart Technologies for Smart Nation- SmartTechCon 2017” which was held at Bangalore, India by Reva University. The paper was also published in the SCOPUS Indexed IEEE XPLORE magazine. There I got a great opportunity to meet and network with delegates from various Universities and Organizations around the world.

I’m currently working on my undergraduate thesis work which is based on wireless transmission of electric power. Wireless transfer of electric power is the near future of the power system. In my thesis work, I’m aiming to incorporate the biomedical application of wireless charging to an extended transmission. I’m currently an embedded systems intern at a drone/satellite research start up, Hyoristic Innovations. Here, I learnt to build a quadcopter from scratch and was exposed to more new sensors such as a 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer and an on-board Digital Motion Processor. I certainly believe in a holistic approach to one’s skill set and persona.

I am currently pursuing my “Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Business Management” from Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad which I think will enrich my knowledge and skill-set on how to pursue an entrepreneurial project, doing a market survey and present a start-up proposal, as well as help in applying a correct bank loan for the same.

Sweden is a very diverse country. Universities in Sweden take a much different approach.  Overall, Sweden’s system of education is ranked among the top systems in the world. Sweden is also home to several secondary schools that are individually ranked among the world’s best. One of my senior Mr Siddarth who is currently doing his masters in “Renewable Electricity Production” at Uppsala University, Sweden, shared his study experiences with me. This also has motivated me to choose Sweden for doing masters. I believe that it is, therefore, a promising destination for higher education.   

I want to pursue my Graduate studies at the Chalmers University of Technology as I believe, I would have access to a highly competitive academic and research environment that will constantly challenge me to excel and produce high-quality research. I possess sufficient academic background and research exposure in the area of Electrical Engineering. I feel that my prior experience in research- having received research grants and having published my research work in IEEE conference proceedings, makes me a strong candidate. I would relish such an opportunity to collaborate with the highly reputed and experienced Professors and the equally motivated peer graduate students. I wish to choose my coursework prudently to align it with my research interests and perhaps work towards a Doctoral degree in the future. I think the research work being carried out by professors Ola Carlson, Anh Tuan Le and Peiyuan Chen is aligned quite well with my own research interests and I definitely hope to work under their valuable guidance in the Department of Electrical Engineering.