From infear with new and old information.

       From the article”Health Check: Can your brain be full?” By  Fiona Kumfor and Sicong   Tu. This article is about can the brain be full and limit the amount of knowledge a person can intake. Also how a study was published in Nature Neuroscience and how it show that old memories are pushed out for new ones to form in the process of that all happening. Also in behavior studies that learning new things can lead to forgetting other things that your minds contains at different times. Another thing is that say if you try to remember something that is similar to information that you have already contained, it will most likely interfere with that information. As well it’s better to forget because certain information can infear with new and old information. Without forgetting what happens at a certain time of day and keep living in the past people could say memory is a burden or a curse.          I did this article because i wanted to know if the brains knowledge intake can be limited to a certain percentage or it can hold as much knowledge as the mind desires. This article is related to science because it revolves around how certain part of the brain works and it deals with a part of the human bodies system. This information is beneficial to someone because it can show people why they could forget old information or memories and they would learn how a part of the brain works from reading this article. Someone might use this information in there everyday life to adapted or make changes if they have a illness that revolves around this articles information. It’s important to study this information because it can spread awareness about this information and help people find help if they have a illness relating to this new information.The public can support and share by help people if they have illnesses relating to the information in the article and anything to spread awareness and just helping people if they do need help.