from is decentralized pool of several devices

from any control of
corporate or authority. But, it is not true. In reality there are many telecom
providers have access to the flow of data within the internet so they
manipulate the content which are shared. 
The renowned companies like Facebook, Amazon and Google have centralizing
control over the internet as a result of it internet neutrality is slowly becoming
a concept of the past.


This is an indication
of future problem where customers and products of the network are only
controlled by the handful of global corporations. This is a reason, DADI has
come up with global decentralized cloud platform that focuses on the web
services provision in order to help users in building, scaling and growing
their digital products.

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All about it


DADI represents a Decentralized Architecture
for a Democratic Internet. There are many other centralized cloud
services are available in the market but DADI is utilizing a fog based computing
structure which is decentralized pool of several devices connected online
through the internet. At the time of using DADI, there is no single authority
can regulated the computing resource distribution. Rather than using
centralized cloud structure, the DADI platform is using a cost effective fog
computing which is prepared by the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).
It eliminate the need of paying hefty charges to private and monopolized cloud
computing platform such as Amazon Web services, Microsoft Azure, etc.


DADI web services are
operate on the web as an organized micro services structure that offers a
series of efficient and smart application for building different types of
digital products. All the digital products are power-driven by web services.  If any business wants to use the service then
they will have an option to leverage the excellent efficiency and performance of
the DADI platform by paying nominal charges. Apart from it, internet users will
also utilize DADI servers to make income by renting their computational
resources like laptop, , mobile phone, etc.


No doubt, DADI has bring
new standards to give complete new look to the cloud based technology.  They are moving forward with the mission of
upholding their ethical principles of the web by using democratizing
computational power.  


What is DADI token?


Token name of the decentralized architecture for
a democratic internet is also DADI. 
The token is needed for different purposes like:-


By using
token, individuals can become a part of the network and earn income with
network use

Used for doing
payment on network as a customer for web services


It is an Ethereum
blockchain based token that can be store and manage with existing wallet or
with specially designed DADI wallet.


DADI web services and benefits


The DADI web services are designed on basis of
micro service architecture that offers a series of excllent application for
developing a digital products. The benefits of using these webservices includes:-


Dadi web
services are completely decentralized and work on core model of Decentralized
Autonomous Organization

compared other centralized servers, DADI will cost less charges for its service
and do not require any advanced payments

It offers
an unique microservice architecture to the users through which they can access
the array of applications and digital products developed for specific purposes

DADI allow internet users to earn
income by renting their computional resources