The the result of higher productivity should equally

The primary concern of Taylor was that the result of higher productivity should equally benefit all people e.g. workers, employer consumers in the shape of higher wages to the workers, greater profits to the management and payment of low prices for the products by the consumers.

Principles of the Scientific Management:

Taylor emphasised, in the interest of society prosperity, the class collaboration and the deliberate co-operation between the workmen and the management for the application of the scientific methods. His philosophy of management was based on mutual interests and on four basic principles of scientific management.

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Development of True Science of Work:

His first principle pertained to the development of a science of each task which would replace the rule of thumb in management. This observation could be achieved by scientifically investigating the working conditions and the amount of work to be undertaken and then fixing daily task assignment so that the workers may work in a planned manner.

For this the worker operating under the scheme of scientific management to be given higher rate of pay in comparison to one operating in an unscientifically managed factory. Clearly, he however, subscribes to the carrot and Stick theory. He believed that the worker should be penalized if he fails to achieve the desired level of output.

Scientific Selection and Training of the Worker:

Taylor’s this principle relates to the scientific selection and placement of workers i.e., workers should be placed in those jobs for which they were best suited. While making scientific selection, their physical and intellectual qualities should be taken into account.

Besides, it should be the responsibility of the management to train the workers and offer them opportunities for advancement, this enabling them to develop their personalities.

Equal Division of Work between Management and Workers:

The third Taylorian principle was that, there should be equal division of work and responsibility between the management and workers. The Management should take all the tasks in its hands for which it was suitably prepared. This will mitigate chances of conflict and thus help in creating a peaceful atmosphere for both workers and the management.

Co-operation between Management and Workers:

Taylor’s last principle was that there should be intimate co-operation which would create a healthy environment in the organization and also help to promote industrial efficiency.