For sensors to detect the state of the

For the
past few years, significant research has been conducted in the field of home
automation in order to make the technology useful for elderly and handicapped
people. The related previous works are as follows.

Integrated, Flexible, and Internet Based Control Architecture for Home
Automation                                              System in the Internet Era (N. S. Liang; L.
C. Fu and C. L.Wu.) 2

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This research has been conducted in
University of Erlangen, Germany. In this paper, it specify the confrontation
and benefits related to home automation in order to help the elderly and
disable people living an independents and better lives. Various sub-networks are
carried out in these projects such as RFIDs, TCP/IP, wireless LAN and Bluetooth
module. RFID transmits data from RFID tags in every location of occupancy
traced via Bluetooth by using Bluetooth module. The Bluetooth interconnects the
network and transports the sensor data.


Appliance Control System over Bluetooth with a Cellular Phone (H. Kanma, N.
Wakabayashi, R. Kanazawa, and H. Ito.) 3

This medical research is conducted at
the University of McGill in Canada and the main purpose is to monitor the
people who need medical help and develop a wireless solution. This project is
formed by using cell phones and low cost sensors. It worked by making use of
wireless protocols such as Bluetooth, ZIGBEE, as well as GSM and analyzing data
through an flexible architecture. The research had an architecture that
consisted of three main parts. First, medical data is collected by sensors and
then transmitted it to mobile devices. Second, data is processed on mobile
devices by using an application called J2ME. Then, all the data collected was
combined to address the needs of the elderly. This resulting in the short span
of time for application and inexpensive system which is the major benefits for
this project.

An Agent Based Smart home (D. J. Cook, M. Youngblood, and E. O. Heierman) 4

this paper, the MavHome project was successfully conducted at the University of
Texas, Arlington. The project used sensors to detect the state of the
environment, and with the help of controllers, it process and send signal to
the software. After that,