For 2016 Emmys host Stephen Colbert had a

For the past few years celebrities have been part of the discussion during the United States  Presidential Election.  All celebrities have their  personal  point of view on politics and most want to share their  feelings  with the world.   For example, some of  Hillary Clinton’s famous endorsers include LeBron James, Katy Perry Lady Gaga, Ellen DeGeneres, and even Khloe Kardashian.  These artists and entertainers told the world how they felt and wanted to make sure that their audience voted for Clinton.  Young voters  look up to these celebrities growing up so they knew that it would get Clinton votes.   Clinton  wasn’t  the only one who got support from celebrities.  President Trump got support from Tila Tequila, Hulk Hogan and Mike Tyson.   Celebrities often have a chance to share their point of view on politics.   At the 2016 Emmys host Stephen Colbert had a lot to say about the election. He said,  “I bet if Donald Trump  won an emmy he would not have ran for president… so this is all your fault.” (  Colbert said  that we wouldn’t have to worry about Donald Trump running for president if everyone just voted for him for the Emmys in the past years for Celebrity Apprentice.  This would make people vote for Hillary Clinton because Stephen Colbert is saying that it’s a bad thing if Donald Trump wins the election. But the Emmys is not the only show that does this.  Shows like Saturday Night Live and Veep also try to influence their audience.  Both Saturday Night Live and the television  show Veep  won  awards in the 2016 Emmys.  Actor Alec Baldwin received  an individual  award for  his Donald Trump impression on Saturday Night Live.   Kate McKinnon also won an award at the 2016 Emmys for her Hillary Clinton impression on Saturday Night Live.  This shows that fans really enjoy watching celebrities make fun of politics.    Veep also comments on politics.  Every big television  show that has an impact on people’s real world problems talks about politics throughout the shows.  At the 2018 Golden Globes Oprah Winfrey won the Cecil B. DeMille award.  Some people think that this is publicity for her to run for President in 2020.  But on the other hand,  people thought it was an inspirational speech and people were  not to opposed to  her running for president.   Celebrities have the ability to spotlight issues in the media and influence their audience.  This especially affects young voters that looked up to these celebrities growing up.  And a lot of celebrities have used their fame and status to bring attention to all the political issues.   From Presidential Elections,  to the many  issues at the State level, to Wars around the World,everyone has a say in it and that’s their Freedom of Speech.  Even if no one wants to hear their point of view it’s there and you will hear it somewhere because it is everywhere.   “Under certain circumstances, influential celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey are able to influence public opinion by making selective endorsements for elective offices” according to Martha V. Shelton.  These celebrities work hard to share their point of view. They use their money to influence people to go to their side on what they believe in. Oprah’s endorsement of Barack Obama for president back in 2007 is believed to have resulted in an additional one million votes for him during the 2008 Presidential Election according to a study published in the Journal of Law, Economics and Organization Advances Access.   Oprah is an influential person that everyone loves so people listened to what she believes in and think it is right because Oprah is so popular.   But while Hillary Clinton had more celebrity endorsements than Donald Trump she didn’t win the presidency. So it doesn’t matter to some people how famous someone is,  they will always  think it’s just plain  silly that celebrities get involved in politics.  Every single award show, concert or public event is now political so people say to themselves, “I hope this doesn’t go political.” (Study Breaks) Some audiences want entertainment without political interference because they are tired of celebrities acting like politicians when they have never served in a government  position.