For a number of people in line


For The live performance critique, I
decided to attend Disneys’ Beauty and the Beast at “the Media Theater
Performing of the Arts”. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast play took place at the
box office of The Media Theater location. The venue of the theater was so
beautiful I have never seen anything like it before. The way the theater was
designed, was magical as if you were experiencing the real Disney moment.


“pre-show” of the play was well organized. The staff member treated people very
well with a warm welcome in the venue of the box office. At the entrance door,
they welcome you with postcard of the Disney’s Beauty and the Beast performing
show. There were quite a number of people in line buying the ticket at the box
office booth. It’s was convenient for me to get in very easy for me to get in
because I didn’t have to wait in line for several minutes because I had already
pay for my ticket in advance. Once at the front of the show right before you
enter, there are other shows advertised so that people can see what is being
shown on the theater schedule. In front of the ticket booth the staff member
was asking people about if it was a first time for them attending the show. If
not, there were telling them about the overall history of their theater as well
as how many shows they show to the audience per week. I was so in love the
theater especially the way they welcome you and make you comfortable before the
show begins.

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show was well depicted as well each character played a specific role in the
play. Beauty and the Beast cast center around a character called Belle, a beautiful girl who is symbolized by “Beauty”, and the Beast, who
is really a prince stuck under the curse of a magician. The Beast in the cast
need to  learn how to love and be loved
so that the spell will end.

Over all, I would say I have very
much liked the production of Beauty and the Beast that I attended last week at The
Media Theater for the Performing Art. Beauty and the Beast is a great Disney movie
and I remember I used to watch it over and over again. I was very pleased with
the way the characters executed the play. When I watched Beauty and the Beast,
automatically I tough of a fairytale. The performer of the show made the Beauty
and the Beast role a special sow and they all work tirelessly together to make
the show more excitement and  enjoyable.
I loved the way they brought excitement on the scene and everyone in the
audience have enjoyed it.


on the young audience faces as the
production came to life. My experience as a whole was a great one. My favorite
part of the production was the joy on the faces of the actors and actresses.
You could see and feel the excitement and pure enjoyment of presenting this
presentation to the audience. I have been to several presentations in my lifetime
and I have never felt such a sense of happiness in the air like I did with
Beauty and the Beast at The Media Theater of Performing Art.. The young
children in the audience were dressed in the yellow Belle dress and the air in
the auditorium was wonderful. The Young age of the cast was a wonderful touch.
Beauty and the Beast reach out to a young audience. The ages made the production
have an enhanced fairytale feeling. When I decided to go to this particular
production and realized it was going to be put on by a cast of 18 and younger, I
didn’t expect it to be well executed and thought it would have an elementary
feeling to it, but I was very wrong and felt as if the ages chosen for this
Disney production was an excellent decision. I believe it would be hard to
portray the innocence needed for many of the characters of Beauty and the Beast
if you chose anyone other than children or young teens. My reasoning for
choosing Beauty and the Beast was my love for fairytales and Disney movies in
general. Beauty and the Beast was always my favorite Disney movie growing up the
characters were my favorite. My son is a big fan of Disney’s movies as well. In
fact, my husband and I took him to Disney where we all enjoy our time there.
Beauty and the Beast remind me of the magical movie Disney’s itself play at the
Magical Kingdom in Disney Land. I love the way it takes you to a different
world and you suddenly forget all that’s going on in your life. I felt great during
this presentation and went to that fairytale world with the excellent singing,
wonderful props, fun and creative costumes. The costumes in the Beauty and The
Beast was more fictional and well designed by the producer during the show and
there was a distinction to which you could not be confused to which character
is playing which role. were. Each cast member was right on target as they
transformed into the character they were portraying, all the way to the
different accents, which was surprising to me as it seems it would be very
difficult. I am satisfied with the choice I made to go to this particular
production it was well beyond my expectations and very enjoyable. I would
attend this play again and again. I look forward to attending another production

I have attended many other shows, but I think
this particular play was definitely a perfect holiday treat for the audiences.