Fire fire is under control, it can be

Fire Brigade System


is one of the major breakthroughs for the ancient species Homo erectus. Fire
provides warmth, light and helps in the cooking of raw material to make cooked
food. Fire is a good servant, but a bad master. If the fire is under control,
it can be used for good purposes, but if it is out of control, it can cause the
deaths of many.

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needs three essential requirements to stay alive. They are fuel, Oxygen, and
heat. Without any one of these three, the fire will be extinguished. Carbon
Dioxide is one of the best extinguishers of fire. It creates a blanket, over
the fire thus removing the connection to Oxygen, and lowering the temperature.

prevent unnecessary deaths caused by fire, a system must be required to stop
it. In ‘Project X’ fire extinguishing system will be present. In each house,
the walls will be containing CO2 so in a fire accident, the CO2
releases, thus extinguishing the fire.

        The smoke detectors in the house will
start blaring if smoke is detected. The fire detectors will release CO2
when the temperature of the house reaches 1,110oC in high
quantities. The Carbon Dioxide will either take out the flames or stall until
the fire brigade arrives.


        As we know that entertainment is needed
for each and every individual on the planet for which many of us do different
things according to our different desires like enjoying an opera, video gaming
or playing sports like basketball, soccer, or maybe even football. I well know
that we will not be able to forget our hobbies so I have decided to sustain
these healthy, soothing and unforgettable brain refreshers.

        When we come to the topic of sports, we
all need a field to play in. Some may be
a whopping 110 meters to a minute size of
28 meters. We cannot simply build three separate fields in the space settlement
as it will occupy a lot of space. Instead,
we are building a single ground that composes of all three sports. During a football match, the uprights will be set up
110 meters apart, whereas, in a game of
basketball, the hoops are placed 28 meters apart. The uprights, goals, and
hoops will be stored folded under the field, and will not be pulled up until necessary.
When folded, the field can be used for any other purpose.

        Video Games are just another way made by people to keep themselves entertained.
Many video games will be stored at the local electronics
store like a console for a game and also the old-fashioned arcade, where
teenagers can spend lazy Saturday afternoon eating pellets in Pac-Man or
dodging barrels against Donkey Kong.


        The younger and more flexible kind would
like to do the above, but the older and the ones that have no interest in these
are going to get themselves entertained by the movies, operas and plays being
enacted. To satisfy these needs, there are going to be two theaters, which can satisfy the needs.

Waste Management


        Waste Management
is a crucial part when a city is built. The waste that is produced must go
somewhere. The inorganic waste will be sent to the junk center in the Industrial Sector for further recycling. The kitchen
waste and the human waste (Feces) will be used
as manure for the plants growing in the Agricultural Area. A Specialized toilet
system will be built to save water and give ease to the residents. The toilet
is connected to the drain system. This drain system will lead all the waste to
the Agricultural Area. The feces will be used
as organic fertilizer for the plants. The toilet system will be completely
automatized, so no manual work will be required. After the toilet set closes,
everything will be sucked in by the machinery near the drain.


Water Recycling Plant

        Water must be recycled in the space
colony, so the water level stays constant. In the water recycling plant, all
the dirty water will be sent to this place in the colony to purify it. In this
plant, there will be many types of purifying water. Some are listed below.

Sedimentation and Decantation


Hydroxide Precipitation

Carbonate Precipitation



method of Sedimentation and Decantation is a physical method. The water will be
left in a Stand-Still mode for hours. All the Sludge will settle down, leaving
clear water on the top. The Decantation part is where all the clear water on
top will be poured into another clean tank. This water will be clean with most visible impurities.

are the method in which water will be dropped from the top, and at the same
time, pressurized air will be pushed from the bottom. There will be two huge
scrubbers which can remove other smaller particles.

Precipitation is a method in which a particular Hydroxide will be dissolved in the tank of water. The metals or impurities in it react with the
Hydroxide, forming its precipitate. Typical Hydroxides used are Caustic Soda,
Lime, and Magnesium Oxide.

Precipitation is the dissolving of
Carbonates in the water to get rid of any other metals which cannot form
Hydroxides. These can be used for other dissolved

is the method of dissolving Chlorine tablets into the tanks. This Chlorination
process can help in the killing of the
micro-organisms that could have been missed by the other methods of

is another Physical process where the water is heated, such that it converts
into water vapor. This water vapor is converted into a liquid again. The water
that is finally obtained is pure water that is free of all impurities. Minerals can be added to this pure water to make
it drinking water, or can be used in the lab for experimental purposes.