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Finding a niche can be a bit overwhelming. Is it too broad? Is it too specific? What even is a niche? Let’s take a moment to discuss what a niche is and why it is important.A niche, by definition, is a service that appeals to a small population. So in your case, with your real estate business, instead of trying to target everyone and their mother, you should, instead, pick a group of people with a preference of one interest or another—and market directly to them. Build a business directly around them. There are an abundance of niches available to you, it just depends on what interests you. Do you like millennials because you are one? Market to them! Are you a veteran or someone from a military family, or are you just someone who loves the military? Market to them! Do you have dreams of running with the ultra-elite? Market to them! The options are endless.Now, having a niche doesn’t mean you only ever work with that one crowd of people. Not at all. You just use your time and money to market directly to them. Why is it important to have a niche? Because your money on advertising and time invested will have a much better ROI than trying to spend that same amount and market to a broad audience. And please, for your sake, don’t get stuck in the scarcity mindset that if you only make your brand about one niche, you’ll lose a ton of business. Yes, some people may not work with you if they don’t connect to the interest you are marketing to, but we promise you, the results will show themselves in the long-term aspects of your business. And hell, even short-term! When we’ve created businesses in the past that tried to capture a large audience, it flunked. When we stopped being so terrified about focusing on a small group of people and, instead, just built a business around them, our business boomed. And yes, even if you live in a small town, niche marketing is important. It doesn’t mean no one else will work with you, it just means you’re building a strong circle of influence with those you connect with on a personal level. You’ll have an easier time getting business from people you have a connection with through the niche, a much better experience during the transaction process, and a bigger loyalty for referrals. Humans feel a great deal of joy when connecting with others. Go make those connection, it’ll make your business soar!Now to figure out what niche to go with:When we first got into real estate, our goal was to become the premier luxury agents. Now that’s as fine as cracking open a cold one with the boys on Saturday, until we realized that we didn’t really have a personal connection with people for being “rich.” Moreover, we realized that, even in a hot market, it takes a lot of effort and money to move a luxury listing. We also noticed that the majority of luxury clientele were much older than we were, and we felt almost not trusted due to our respective ages. So that’s where that ended—although not completely. Sure having a few million dollar properties under your belt is a great feeling, but it’s more for boasting rights than it is business sense. So we decided to make our niche millennials. However, millennials was still a bit too broad. So even more specifically, millennial men. We realized that we like the speed of transactions when working with clients in that price point, the ease of text communications, and the comfort of being able to use modern technology with them.Now if a niche sounds borderline discriminatory, don’t worry, it’s not! Because you don’t refuse business from people who don’t fit into the niche, you just market directly to them because it’s a wise business decision. And don’t complicate or overthink finding a niche. Your niche should be something that reflects you, and further should involve something you like or enjoy doing. Figure out what type of brand you want for yourself, find the community you enjoy interacting with, and then pick your niche from there. You want to pick one that you have a personal-level connection with, or you won’t remain consistent and passionate about it.Some of the biggest doomsday theories we hear in our industry are: “That won’t connect with older generations,” or “that won’t connect with younger generations,” or “you shouldn’t style yourself that way, someone may think you’re unprofessional.” And I have to ask, why do you take advice from people who have an 80% statistical rate to fail within 2 years? If the person you’re taking advice from started their business 20 years ago, take that advice with a grain of salt! What worked for their business branding and marketing decades ago is a light year difference than today. Likewise, if they just started yesterday, then definitely do not take their advice! They don’t have the experience to share with you how to brand and market yourself. If they boast they have 500 followers on Facebook, woop-de-doo! How many of those followers engage with their page? If it’s dead, then don’t take advice! When we got into real estate, you know where we went to learn about branding? Not real estate coaches, that’s for sure. All the information being provided, in my opinion, was too outdated and, therefore, non-effective.Instead, we took to social media and studied popular Instagrammers and YouTube vloggers. We made it our mission to dissect these individuals to figure out what they offered that attracted others to them. What was their brand? How have they made themselves so relatable (or at least worthy of high foot traffic)? You may be asking yourself “why?” The answer is easy: Whatever it was that they are doing is working. These internet celebrities are successfully building a brand for today’s day and age. Once we were able to pull the best branding and marketing aspects, we flipped the script to make it about real estate, and boom! Business skyrocketed. Now you don’t have to decipher through thousands of Instagram feeds or internet videos to figure out how to have a successful brand, we did it for you! We’ve created these courses to teach you what we learned through that painstaking process.Download our niche assessment file below; print it out, sit down with a cold beer or coffee, and figure out what niche you really will connect to the best!