“Financial work to deadlines. whilst dealing with

“Financial sustainability is Art”. You
have to scrutinize all features before you are financially stable. You need
intelligence to have everything in a set order and method. Each fragment is
allocated carefully and magnitude amongst its environment. You need to take
every piece of information and apply it to make your own decisions. The City of
London is the world leader in international finance and business service, a
global phenomenon of the UK’S financial services.  What better place than London to study financial


I chose to study this degree because it
will give me a better understanding of the world’s financial services and the
economic world. In addition finance in general is something that has struck a
chord with me, also my interest in finance has built over the last two years.
During my first year of sixth from I gained a certificate in financial studies.
This was achieved with the help of my teacher who was really experienced and
provided valuable support.  There were
two units, which covered why money matters and financial products. The level of
work was quite intense, but the module which fed my interest in finance were;
purpose of money and Budgeting and forecasts. This is because it showed me the
features of money in the real world and the functions of it. Also it showed me
an insight of how to handle money to be financially stable. I really enjoying
my time at sixth form and I am looking forward to continuing my academic
studies at university.

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On a more personal level my experiences
to date led me to understand the importance of listening to others, which was
required while I did work experience at a primary school, where I was dealing
with children and teachers. As an independent person I feel that my strongest
individual strengths are to work quickly and accurately, concentrate for long
periods and being able to work to deadlines. whilst dealing with problems i
approach in a methodical manner and pay attention to detail without forgetting
the bigger picture. 


My main ambition for the future is to get
a job in the financial economy and become a specialist in finance and becoming
a financial regulator or adviser. I am hoping that this university will provide
me with an understanding of the economic world as well as offering me a wide range
of options after my course.



form has really changed me as an individual and has developed my character from
a young adult into a mature person. It has given an insight into what
university will be like and has introduced me to different people. I have met
many people and I have learnt to listen and consider their opinions. I can
proudly say that I have excellent interpersonal skills to communicate
effectively with other people. I hope this is sufficient enough to offer me a
place at your university and I look forward to taking the advantage of all the
opportunities that the university has to offer.