Facebook latest versions. Facebook Messenger app is a

Facebook Messenger Application in Social Media with Users



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Facebook explains about the app with an extension of Facebook called Facebook Messenger. It is a free app to download and free mobile App to messaging in the social media, It is used for texts, emails, video and audio call with instant messages and sharing photos. It can be used as interaction with friends to chat on Facebook along with your mobile contacts. Facebook launches a platform to build communication with users. Facebook Messenger users pop up on a Facebook page. According, to Facebook Messenger, will allow you to type the text its visual, normally drag and drop box interface to develop your own bot. User experience is available on all platforms where Messenger exist with iOS software, Android applications and web technologies with latest versions. Facebook Messenger app is a free app in play store. It is a separate app user can access their profile using its login account details. Using Messenger, the messages will remove the unwanted code from the main application and it also reduces the size and complexity. It also improves the user experience in application. It also allows the app to become social networking site to send the private messages in the standalone application with language usability and its user permissions in their functionalities. In the future, the people want to send and receive messages they need to download and install the Messenger app So that our main goal is to focus on the development of best efforts on making user experience with their messages in mobile products to connect the users easily.

Research Design:

The research designed and developed based on the implementation model to allow the multiple participants to communicate with social media and through web community of its user Facebook Messenger. It is easily integrated media website and used as a separate tool to create and modify the Messenger’s data. The more designs on Facebook Messenger is end-to-end encryption. Facebook Messenger has changed into secondary feature inside the Facebook to a mobile app on its own. It has succeeded to reach a million of users at the starting in 2016 and in November 2015 there were less than hundred million users in the year 2015 and traditional app with its own ecosystem of stickers and chat box. Evaluation is conducted on Facebook catch-up with messaging such as WeChat, LINE, and Viber, all of which we have supported similar features for months.  It is safe to say that outside of East Asia, Facebook Messenger will have the greater reach of any of these competing services, it will be under particularly high pressure from scammers and cybercriminals. More specifically, they may be increasingly attacked for shortcomings in how to encrypt and store messages. The high development of mobile messaging in the last decade or some cases deal with security measures behind. The social network will be excellent in different products used by a mobile application which is Android, iPhone and tablet devices. It can be download as the free app in Google play store where the user information can store securely until his permissions to access their own login with username and password to send text via chat and video through the voice call. So, it will do a job of your default Messenger client and smartly integrated conversations



Research Methods:

According to my research about this literature, there are some implementations to their code what went wrong in the previous version of Facebook Messenger. We look at some of the issues to find on Facebook Messenger in the previous session. To reschedule in early June 2016, security users discovered few flaws in both the mobile surprisingly with the Android version and web versions of Facebook Messenger will show as proof. The Id must create through a browser with some tool and software extension of HTML code to integrate. The ID would be used to change the message, by inserting a link. At last, the message will be sent back to Facebook’s servers by recipients received with extension. The first important thing is to note that there is an exploit, but it is not a bug to use make easy of software-related issues. So, dislike the other mobile and desktop messaging services of Facebook Messenger are due to lack of code end-to-end encryption. Frequently, messages itself in within the description of language theory to be modified by Facebook Messenger with their access. The untruth flaw was detected slowly, and Facebook revealed some risk to explore in the real world. So, the extension of government and corporate surveys of mobile communications cause the less response about the concern with fraud messages in specific case and attackers were to discover the modification changes on chatting messages in Facebook Messenger included sufficient encryption. There are some methods of end-to-end encryption data to fix the application mobile app. The two WhatsApp in Facebook and Viber which is activated by end-to-end encryption implementation process to enable default. Now start with the existing end-to-end encryption implementations. Viber set up with the attention to itself, not to display the revealed description with some changes in algorithm MD5 and due to lack of security and transparency with some mechanisms which are safe to end users. Facebook-owned itself with WhatsApp to open and explained encryption how it works when users may consider their interest with the service provider to set default messages to be invisible to Facebook users as well as Internet service provider. The most important of getting messages to correct users who are using their Messenger security. Chat apps become middle of the mobile experience displaying SMS and further integrated services for the transformation of commerce. The upcoming generation has chatbots, of artificial intelligence to interpret their requests and interact with human computers, the position of messages will rather communicate tool more than email sender. Unfortunately, now a day very steadily moving from email to online chatting. According to my survey half of the teenagers using web instead of being contacted over instant messages in standalone applications. Widely, the end-to-end encryption will be implemented and very easy to enable. How Facebook and others will remain constant to weigh security risks against business objectives. Individuals check their status to encrypt the information on Facebook Messenger.

Data Analysis:

According to my survey the evaluation of usability testing we analyze the relationship between social media and achieving the goal. we developed an investigation, through an online review designed by the authors. The study was run at the beginning of November 2016. The questions from the users and corresponding answers from the recipients and suggestions or ideas will be given through heuristic evaluation. We trust online social networks important for citizens. It is very important to provide a platform to the users with some features. To provide an open interface to the participation of enhanced scope given to opinion on the voice of the potential and the impact on single individual registration with the user access to the platform by default. In relation to user registration and access to the platform, each user must be registered to log in with advantages of key capabilities such as suggestions, comments, and rating. If the user is not login, it is the only way to view the contents of the application with lack of receiving emails through registration in the consent forms. The other news contacted globally Facebook to see if it is working on a patch for the buggy app. A Facebook person comment directly on any upcoming the app, it should improve each individual experience. Because there are some findings, we able to build more quickly to improve the features and performance in Messenger. The suggestion of this application is to migrate the surrounding of a standalone app and many users who gave the low ratings with complaints the app was fixed with an error. Most of the users they have been not able to use the app because the forced to download due to a network error warning in its performance. Later on, this application is developed with the positive results of user comments with feedback to continue and decide to install and download the Facebook messaging service to use on smartphone and digital device with iPhone and Android products to send messages through the mobile website.

Research Findings:

The researcher finds the difference between the Facebook and Facebook Messenger will allow the messaging in iPhone and Android apps, all their users around the world will download standalone application in terms of positive results with good quality, picture sending, and video chat with messaging the battery saver of the mobile product with plan on Facebook tells 20% speed and it will not accept multiple version of mobile apps and Facebook Messenger. But before the people used to chat in mobile web, iPad, tablet, windows phone, paper and desktop in Facebook apps or websites. Previously they had an option to download Messenger which had turned the Messages tab into requirements of the hub into users. The Facebook is changing to the Messenger with messages in a shortcut of its main app with managing the users with two different apps in Facebook with multiple versions of multi-tasking to maintain the code to allow the interface Messenger with a good performance and experience.  So, you can explain the design built in hands to the users to send some links with sharing videos and recording, snapshot photos in different style and selfies to capture quickly with latest version 8 in the reliable standalone application with mobile products in your mobile websites and phones.  A Facebook can also find the Messenger Desktop we have Using Messenger with sending messages to different conversations of people to view, create and delete options and to manage your account to use for payments and business purposes. Created for messenger kids with permissions of parent request to access with kid apps of their choice in the coming days.

A year ago, Facebook launches Facebook homepage software designed over some smartphones completely, how much time you spend on your phone.

The company recently shifted to force iPhone and Android customers who want to chat with their friends to download Facebook Messenger, with different apps.

Facebook has good features and very faster moving into the world with creating new apps with experience.


Review Literature:

According to my review the user access to you and your friend’s personal data to share free mobile app. I agree to the terms and conditions of service default with permissions to accept the operating system to perform the function. In case if you are using the Android, the device will allow the permission to accept the functionality using this app. The Facebook Messenger app is a standalone version of the instant chat feature within the social network. An app can use one or more device. The review says the fact nothing is new to social media, we all should that no app is truly free.  The free online apps are paid for personal data as name, location, browsing history, etc. Later, the developers in mobile networks may highly charge to advertisers serve the form of users. In an appropriate way, legally pays to offer some personal information to control the device is quite for a better experience with online ads to collect some information to accept the permissions into the future. If you ready to understand the permission group to apply the free software to give up personal data to access a game or to enjoy the free service with the current situation. There are few steps to follow if you delete this app the next, review the terms and service agreements with permissions when you agreed without reading and requests the text messages without knowing to the user.


The results have found in this product there is an age limit of using the Facebook Messenger the 13 + can download this app and should be used in an appropriate way. There are some risks the parents should aware of Messenger app. More than a billion conversation messages will be sent to people and businesses can be automated in every month on a scale. Whether if you want to learn about a new product to resolve their issues of special needs. 53% people like to shop online business directly and 56% of people call to customer service rather the messages. To reach and engage the current potential user to advertise the solutions with apps and services.


In this paper the approach to guide the complete strategies necessary to build an automated system of Facebook advertising for your economic business. We’ve progressed through the importance of the platform. If you used Facebook’s in-house system to elaborate easy to access or power editor, I suggest switching a tool to found it very simple to use with some achieving up to a 43% increase on return on investment. We also have a private community where you can ask strategic questions and get feedback instantly. This is quite different from iOS the user asks permissions to grant and use features to access them in the app. In the future work the platform, need functionalities to implement a reputation mechanism events.


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