Expanded words in several contexts that strengthen

Expanded and dynamic commitment to vocabulary


A first-grade teacher wants to be helpful to his students concerning the understanding of the concept of ‘jobs’ which is applied to his social studies curriculum. Upon a phase of time, the teacher commits students in assignments in which they work over and over with the meaning of the concept of jobs. The students get a lot of chances to look and lively utilize the words in several contexts that strengthen its meaning.

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 Just as you would use a map to guide you to a destination, use these sentences to guide in your study of this unit.


The teacher starts by questioning the students what they are previously experienced concerning jobs and by getting them provide examples of jobs their parents have. The class might get a discussion concerning the jobs of various people who work at the school.
Consequently, the teacher reads to the whole class a simple book concerning jobs. The introduction of this book gives the ideas that several jobs aid people meet their needs, and those jobs either come up with goods or services. The book does utilize the verbs makes and helps by choice.
 Next, the teacher questions the students to write sentences down depicting their parents’ jobs by utilizing the verbs makes and helps. For instance: My father is a doctor. He assists unhealthy people to get well.
The teacher then questions students to brainstorm additional jobs. Together, they determine whether the jobs are “making jobs” or “helping jobs”. The job names are located under the suitable headlines on a bulletin board. The students might also propose jobs that do not appropriate properly into either category.
The teacher might consequently question the students to share out whether they suppose they would like to get a making or a helping job wherever they grow up.
Thereafter, the teacher questions the students to speak with their parents concerning jobs. He tells them to test by conducting to class two new examples of jobs. One is about making job and the other one for helping job.
As the students experience several jobs through the year such as by reading books, on fields trip, by classroom guests, they can add up the job the suitable categories on the bulletin board.