Executive To reach out to those customers

Executive Summary

The report will make a
comparison on the customer satisfaction level of the leading mobile banking
service providers Bkash and Rocket. As my internship is based on an IT company
that is Ascend Technology Ltd, I have chosen this topic.  The purpose behind choosing Bkash and Rocket
is because they are the leading mobile banking service provider. Ascend
Technology Ltd. supplies softwares to BRAC bank, this is  the reason I have chosen BRAC Bank and the
report will make a direct comparison of customer satisfaction level of non
partner bank of Ascend Technology Ltd. As a non partner bank of Ascend, I have
chosen Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd.

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In the report, first of
all the company profile of both the firm will be given. On the later chapters
there will be data analysis of the answers given by the respondents. Customers
of both these banks will be asked questions regarding the mobile based banking
and the scores of expectations and perceptions will be recorded. The gap score
will be calculated in order to find whether the customers’ expectation matches
with the perception or not. These results will be used to quantify the
satisfaction level of both banks and the better of two will be identified in
this report. This report will also bring out the challenges the customer faces
so that quality service can be enhanced.

Problem Statement

Comparison of customer satisfaction on technology based banking of bkash-BRAC
Bank Ltd and Rocket- Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd.


Research Objectives

core objective of this research will be to know the satisfaction level of BRAC
Bank’s mobile banking service Bkash and Dutch Bangla Bank’s Rocket. Customers
will be surveyed and asked questions to find about the satisfaction of
customers and challenges that still exist in technology based banking. With
this report, it is expected that the service quality can be judged and can be
used to improve customer service quality for both the banks.


Literature Review

Customer can easily
examine the real capability of any kind of product or service. Actually result
compared to expectations prior to purchase (Oliver, 1980) The first component
of customer satisfaction is perceived quality and the second component of customer
satisfaction is perceived value (Fornell, 1996).

In Bangladesh, there are 57 banks and with a population of over 16
crore, it is difficult to reach to those customers who are in rural areas. Less than 15% of Bangladeshis are
connected to the formal banking system whereas over  68% have mobile phones. To reach out to those customers living
in rural, BRAC Bank created a subsidiary named Bkash that would use
mobile phones to conduct its banking activities. bKash Limited, a subsidiary of BRAC
Bank, started as a joint venture between BRAC Bank Limited, Bangladesh and
Money in Motion LLC, USA. In April 2013, International Finance Corporation
(IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, became an equity partner and in April
2014, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation became the investor of the company.
Recent researchers have identified that customers are satisfied with the level
of services provided with the help of IT by Brac Bank but they are not highly

On the other hand, Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. started Rocket
on 31 March, 2011. Dutch-Bangla Bank has followed a unique model for deployment
of the Mobile Banking in Bangladesh.

Mobile banking now registers more than 20
percent growth in cash transaction in a month thanks to the growing popularity of the
services. on average, around Tk 263 crore is transacted a day through mobile banking services
which was only Tk 121
crore in April last year, according to Bangladesh Bank data. (Atiur R, 2014)


Literature Gap

As the mobile banking industry is receiving so much importance and
with two of the leaders of mobile banking services, there has been a lot of
research conducted. However, there has been no direct comparison of the
customer satisfaction level between these two rivals. Therefore, this is a
scope for further research and deduce the better of the two and the challenges
each service provider faces.

Research design

As I am doing my internship at an IT company, I have chosen this
topic for my research purpose. My research will be based on structured questionnaire
that will help find out the customer satisfaction level of technology based
banking provided by BRAC Bank Ltd and Dutch Bangla  Bank Ltd. The research will only focus on IT
sector of BRAC Bank and Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd and make a comparison of
satisfaction level of customers between these two banks.

Data Methodology

Data can be collected in two methods: Primary and Secondary

As part of the primary research, data will be collected by
surveying customers directly at both the bank premises specifically two
branches: 1) Asad Gate Branch and 2) Dhanmondi Branch. Large retail outlets of
bKash and Rocket will be surveyed in Banani and Dhanmondi area to find out the
level of customer satisfaction. I will also be conducting the primary research
by observation method.

For secondary research, data will be collected from the firms’
websites, different journals, daily news papers and other articles published on
the internet.