“Every faced in day to day life such


“Every sequence of event is a part of a grand design,
one which unsnarls itself with each bygone moment shedding more light on the
reason of occurrence.”

back to my childhood, I admired the sky many times and whenever I saw clouds
called cumulonious that bursting into a thunderstorm, I wondered what it was which
generated tremendous energy almost felt like something magical happening in the
sky. When the whole house turned dark and main reason was power went. I
surprized when I got to know that anonymous thing which lighten up the whole
house. By the time, mystery unknotted itself in the terms of electricity. After
couple of years, a bit more developed mind, I introduced with various electrical
and electronics items such as computers, television, mobile phones and DVD
player. Technology and its myriad features lure me. I was wondered as I did not
know about how the sounds produce, how the light creates and how both of this is
transmitted to the different parts of world. Another major aspect was the words,
flew over half way across the world by emails and any other mode of
communication like social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram). I used to open
the electronic items to know about circuitry of that item and how the
electrical connections are made. I used to solve problems faced in day to day
life such as repairing mixture and CPU. Again as time went by I stumbled across
the concepts of communication and signal processing. Perhaps these small things which challenged
and perplexed my naive and astonished mind as a child, started a Butterfly
Effect which led to my applying for electrical as my branch subject as it never
paused to engage me in a quest for a greater understanding and knowledge. Electric Power is the cornerstone for modern day industry and research.
Finally this pursuit of knowledge has met all my
academic endeavours to pursue my masters in Electrical and Computer
Engineering at University of Waterloo.

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a school student, I have had a strong aptitude for science related subjects
with constant desire to experiment and try out new things. I personally
felt attracted to perspective of being able to explain world around me with logic
and reasoning. I burnt the midnight oil to prove my mettle with successful
results. I scored an excellent in grade
12 and joint engineering entrance exam that made it easy to pursue my dream of
becoming an Electrical Engineer. I successfully applied for
admission in one of the top engineering colleges of my state, Babaria Institute
of Technology, for pursuing my under graduation.