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Every year the U.S produces approximately 23 billion gallons of milk. I grew up as a little kid loving everything there is about dairy farming. I did not grow up on a dairy, but my mom did, and my grandpa sold his cows in 1996. I want to carry on his dream of farming, and make my dream come true. Another reason I chose this career is so I can work for myself, and work with my family. The number of dairy farms in The United State has depleted in the past twenty years. From the milk prices to the cost, farms can’t keep afloat, pretty soon we will not be able to produce enough milk for our country. Dairy farming is a gamble but I am willing to take that risk, to produce milk for this country. From this project I expect to learn how to feed cows and run a dairy efficiently. Why did I pick this career? Because it is what I have always wanted to do since a young age and the only job I have done since the age of 12. I also love caring for animals, and running machinery. Throughout this project and job shadow I will find out if I will pursue this job after High School.   Education and Training It is very important to get an education in dairy farming , so I know how to keep a farm going. The two college programs I will attend are business classes at Centralia College  and the other a Dairy science program at Washington State University. I will be at Centralia College for two years and Washington State University for four years. I need the two years of business so that I know how to work the books, and dairy science so that I know how to keep my cows health and to produce a lot of milk. My business degree and centralia college will be around $10,000 (“Centralia”) and my degree for Dairy science will be around $100,000(WSU). Along having my degree in dairy science, I also have the alternative of having my own dairy, I can also be a manager of someone else’s diary making more money than having my own, or for a big feed company driving around to different farms in order to figure out what grain mixes they need. With that degree I can do many other things if I needed. I will be at Centralia College from 2018 to 2020. I will be at WSU from 2020 to 2024. To be a good farmer I need to be educated, which takes a lot of time and money. I talk to dairy farmers everyday that say they wished they had gone to college, for many reasons. I want to make sure I am as educated as possible so that I can be successful. Dairy science will teach me how to feed my cattle, and teach me to do everything on the farm, including they do tons of scientific research. My business degree will help me with keeping books, and keeping my farm afloat. If I become a dairy farmer with my business degree, and my dairy science degree, it wouldn’t only benefit me but it will benefit others.Job Skills, Talents and Experience Understanding job skills, talents and experience needed to be a dairy farmer are key components that could lead to my success. Adabilty is a skill I need for dairy farming, things are always changing in agriculture making me need to change my ways. Other skills I need are time management and organization skills. One really important skill is to work hard, having to stay up late to finish milking because of a breakdown, or get the rest of your crops in before the rain. Skills I already have adablity, time management, and working hard, I have to work on my organization skills, I am not very well organized.” Good animal-handling skills to ensure cows, calves and bulls are healthy and productive. an understanding of animal welfare, including knowing how to treat common animal health issues. an understanding of pasture management to achieve high quality milk” (Morkes). I have worked for many dairy’s and have done pretty much everything, also raising my own cows. If I was thrown on a farm today and told to do everything I think I could. I can gain experience by just working with other farmers and find way they do things like treat cows, raise their crops. I think real world experience is the best kind of learning so that I get to learn first person. “Farms are strongly influenced by the weather, diseases, fluctuations in prices of domestic and foreign farm products, and, in some cases, federal farm programs” (Morkes). Farming takes a lot of knowledge, and a lot of gambling, I need to learn different thing from different people and different schools. I am suited for this career because, I am hardworking, have good negotiating skills, and ability. I have done something in agriculture since I was born, and done something in the dairy industry since I was 10, so I think I know enough to finally do it all on my own.  There are many job skills and talents that I will need to be able to be a dairy farmer.Earnings Thought this project and job shadow, I will find out if I will pursue this job after High School.  Beginning wage I’m probably looking $20,000 a year, but I will also have a lot of bills starting my farm. The national average from what I have found is $60,750(“How much money”) which is a reasonable amount of money. It will take many years for me to get built up to making $60,750, which means I will probably have to work a second job while building my farm. Starting a farm has many different things you need to have to start, you need land, equipment, cows, and barns. Start up cost are approximately $500,000 with renting my land and close to a million buying my own land. The highest amount a dairy farmer makes is around $119,530, but that with milking a lot of cows and making enough feed to be able to sell. Dairy farmers pay really depends on the milk prices, some years it’s higher than other years. As of right now the milk prices are at a all time low of $16 a hundredweight, making it almost impossible to break even. But I am very passionate about dairy farming and am willing to struggle to make sure you have milk in your cereal and cream in your coffee. Without dairy farmers the milking cow breeds would go extinct from not being milked because they make too much milk for just their calf and would die of mastitis. That is why I’m passionate about dairy farming.Benefits and Risk Factors Dairy farming doesn’t have very many benefits, it has a lot of risk factors. Being your own employer you don’t get health and dental insurance.  The average health insurance cost will be around $7,983. “The average annual deductible for individual plans was $4,358 and the average deductible for family plans was $7,983(How much does)”. So, I will have to pay $665.25 a month for just health insurance. The health risk of a dairy farmer is quite high because you are around manure, fertilizers, heavy equipment, and open manure pits. Manure if not handled correctly can make me very sick, from e coli and many other diseases. Fertilizers can burn your skin, and kill me if swallowed. Heavy equipment can smash me and can hurt or kill me in other ways, because of the spinning power take off and hydraulics. On a dairy farm there are many open manure pits that we scrap cow manure into when cleaning cowpens. If you aren’t careful around them I could potentially fall in which you could get very sick hurt myself.  The good thing about this career is I work for myself and don’t have a boss to listen too. Without having a boss I can do stuff the way I want to, and choose my own hours when to do things, like when I have to run to the bank during the day or go to a kids soccer game you can choose my own schedule. With being self employed I will not have a retirement plan unless I choose to. Like making a saving account for it or something along those lines. Dairy farming has a lot of risks but in my eyes the benefits even it out to make it work. Just the fact that I will be self employed and get to hire my own workers and not have boss that I have to deal with makes it a win for me. Also the fact of being able to raise happy cows and be able to to put milk on your table.Employment There’s a lot of employment in the dairy farming employment, from farm hands to managers to own my own farm. What I am wanting to do is have my own farm. For having my own place there isn’t any employments options to look but to employ myself. I could start by being a manager for another farm and save money so I can get to the point of starting my own farm.   With the right education I can get a job in the dairy industry very easily. I could be anywhere from a farm hand to a manager with the right education. It is difficult for me to find a manager job in Washington if I was to become a manager of someone else’s farm, but if I was to have my own farm I would just have to find a farm to purchase. My projections for this career field would be to have my own farm or to be a manager of a huge dairy outside of Washington, in some one of the biggest dairy communities in the country. My career is a demand globally is in China they have to the most dairies in the world and produce to most. In the United States, the state that has the most dairy’s is actually California leading the highest milk production. In Washington the leading milk production is Whatcom county up by the Canadian border. Various factors of dairy farming is getting enough land available to legally run a dairy. Today land is getting less and less available because of land being made into developments. Another factor is machines, more robots are getting used in the dairy industry making jobs go away. They now have robots that feed, scrap the barn, push feed up closer to cows, and milk the cows. The are positives to this and also negatives, meaning there are going to be less jobs. But with these machines it will open up a lot more manager jobs.Typical Day A typical of a dairy farmer can differ from day to day some days your working in the field other days you’re working on things in the barn, or take care of the cows making sure they are healthy and happy. Farmers have a morning routine that in the same almost everyday. Most dairy farmer routines, is you wake up you go down to the barn, get cows into the parlor so the milker can milk. Then you have to clean and bed the barn so that the cows stay clean, then feed. After all the morning chores are done then go to field work, or maintenance on equipment. The big thing farmers do during the day in the winter is treat animals and make sure they are up to date on vaccinations, and move animals around. In the afternoon the afternoon cows get milked cleaned and fed again, some farmers bed in the morning some bed in the afternoon this farm beds in the morning making afternoon chores go faster. After chores in the afternoon during the winter the day is done. In the summer, when they are harvesting crops, farmers go back out into field until the moisture in the hay starts to go up or if they are harvesting corn or disking in the springtime they go until they are where they want to be or until the job is done. During the summer Denny Young said, “I will sometimes work over 20 hours a day”. A typical day changes often, “Depends on the day sometimes it’s long and stressful like getting crops in before the rain. Other days are stress free and easy going (Denny).” Being a dairy farmer you have days that are all the same and consistent and other days that are really busy. Winter time farmers have the same day everyday for the most part, like feeding, milking, and working on stuff. During the summer, spring and fall farmers are stressed out trying to get there crop planted, harvested, and getting hay off the field and into the barn before the rain and many other reasons.The best part of the day would be when I get done for the day and I realize how much I have accomplished. When farmers get done after a long days of work they are dead tired but looking back seeing how much they did like getting in crops and saving that baby calf it just makes you feel really good. The hardest part of the day would be dealing with books and making sure all my bills are paid. I will be working with employees and making sure they are doing everything right. “I work for myself, and don’t have a boss controlling me (Denny).”  Being a dairy farmer, I work for myself and only me. I control what I’m going to do and how I’m going to do it. Aptitude Personality skills and traits that I posses that make me suited for this career are listening, hardworking, independent, and able to figure things out on my own. I need to be able to listen so that I can learn how things a more efficient way and easier way. Hardworking so that I will be able to work long hours everyday, and not give up when times get tough. Self thinker so when something happens and no one else is around, I will be able to figure it out on my own and get the job done. I think I am suited for this career because I have a lot of experience in this field, because I have grown up around it. I also work hard and keep going till the job is done. My real life experiences that has prepared me for this job are owning and caring for my cows, working for dairies, and working with my parents. I have owned my own cows for about eight years it taught me how expensive it is to feed them, how to take care of them when they are sick, and how to feed them correctly so that they maintain their condition. Working for other dairies has taught me to not only how to take care of cows but how to make feed, get rid of manure, how to keep a clean parlor, how to work on equipment, and most of all how to get a lot of things done in one day. Being a dairy farmer I don’t need to necessarily go to college but I to have hands on experience and most of the time that means growing up on a family farm. These experiences have shaped me to this new career by giving me a step ahead so I know how the life of a dairy farmer is. They have shaped me to being a hard worker, responsible and to be able to think on my own when I’m in a bind by myself. Without out these experiences, I probably would not want to be a dairy farmer. I think with all my experiences I would be very successful in this career and do great things for my animals. I grew up always wanting a dairy farm knowing that my grandpa had a dairy and sold his cows in the 90’s, so I was wanting to carry on the family dream. During my job shadow I learned many things of how to do many different things. The most important thing that I learned was how many hours  they put into every day. Denny Young of Claquato farms puts in 16 to 20 hours a day every day making him very stressed out especially in the summer dealing with cows and crops. Things I would like to know is what is the easiest way to get into the dairy industry and ship milk to darigold or other big shipping companies. Other thing that I would like to know is it better to buy feed when you first start your farm or is it better to make your own feed. My job shadow really showed me how stressful farming can be, and also how easy it can be by working for yourself. The milk production in the U.S is staggering, only producing 23 billion gallons of milk. My thesis statement in my job shadow was, Throughout this project and job shadow I sought to learn all I could to learn all I could about the dairy farming industry in order to make a decision if I will pursue this after high school. After all my research and findings,yes, I will pursue dairy farming after high school, to remember the creamer is produced by someone like me when when drinking your morning coffee.