Every He has made interesting statements and has

Every now and again in history a man comes
along who overthrows a corrupt elite and resets the political establishment.  In 2016 America elected Donald Trump as there
45th president and to say the least it has been an interesting
transition as Trump has taken office. He has made interesting statements and
has been nothing less than arrogant with quotes such as “I try to learn from the past, but I plan for
the future by focusing exclusively on the present. That’s where the fun is.” (Donald Trump) After
reading and hear about Trumps quotes here sound more and more like Julius Caesar
with his famous quote “I came, I saw, I Conquered” (Julius Caesar)

Foundation lawmakers, media are now all
assembled against Trump’s administration.
What the public has already seen through the leaked emails and videos
has been enough to make many of us sick. Is America confronting an
indistinguishable destiny from the Roman empire when Julius Caesar was their
pioneer? “Situations which were unthinkable ten years ago are today ordinary
headlines”(   ). Many of us can feel that
there is a franticness ascending on the world. Despite the developing risk of
Islamic fear based oppression, Hillary Clinton has demonstrated that she will
incredibly build Muslim movement from Middle Eastern battle areas should she
move toward becoming president. Her execution amid the second presidential
civil argument likewise uncovered unmistakably that her system for winning the
White House includes making a hazardous war atmosphere against atomic outfitted

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Caesar played the same role in Roman history two thousand years ago. “The Roman
Republic was dying, falling apart under the mismanagement and cronyism of a
corrupt ruling class. Caesar was opposed by all of them, yet by sheer talent,
determination and good fortune could make Rome great again. He brought Rome’s
enemies to heel, curbed the excesses of the greedy establishment and restored
the real economy so everyday Romans could prosper again” (Biography.com)

Trump’s similarities
to Caesar are shocking. Both Trump and Caesar are master at wheeling and dealing.
Like Trump, Caesar was additionally a man of consistent activity, composed and
politically unequivocal. He exceeded expectations at transforming crushed
adversaries into firm companions. Both were able to communicate well with the people of the countries
they represent. Trump utilizes technology and social media to communicate his message
constantly to the citizens of America. Caesar was known for sending pamphlets
back to Rome to be read directly to the people of the city. In much the same way
as Trump, the Roman people considered Caesar as their champion against their

Just as Julius Caesar, “Trump has detonated
onto the phase of history during an era of economic turmoil, civil agitation,
falling moral standards and a sense of widespread decay. There is a yawning hole
between the official form of reality set forward by the foundation media and
individuals’ regular encounters”(Biograpghy.com). Americans realize that things have been
turning out badly now for quite a while, and that their rulers are not speaking
to their interests.

“Like Trump, Caesar made his name as the
quintessential Roman victor. In Rome, that implied having military triumphs and
vanquishing new terrains for the empire. At this, Caesar was unparalleled. In
America today, our heroes are entrepreneurs and celebrities. Trump has managed
to make himself the king of both” (Biograpghy.com).
As opposed to exhibiting genuine administration and try to bind together and
appease the country and the world, today’s ruling
elite have sought to divide, conquer and plunder instead.

Caesar, Trump has become a lightning rod for the developing discontent of the
American population. Romans amid the Late Republic were
additionally tired of a killjoy economy which depended upon the obligation of
the many to subsidize the extravagances of the few. Caesar’s answer was to
allow fractional acquittal on all obligations to rejuvenate the economy by authorizing
capital for enterprise. It was this move against the premiums of the financiers
which, more than some other, presumably prompted his assassination.

The foundation of Caesar’s interest to
ordinary Romans was his prosperity at toppling the degenerate political
framework and reestablishing the fortunes of the Roman white collar class.
Tired of seeing that the scales were constantly tipped against them, the
everyday citizens of the empire found in Caesar a legend who could reestablish
excellence and goodness to open life. Caesar’s adversaries assaulted him
violently for selfishness and heartless aspiration. His adversaries coursed
bits of gossip about his sexual conduct, and blamed him for being affected by
remote forces.

Many Americans could sense that this
past presidential election was a crucial turning point in American history.
Already it has become a political circus like nothing we have seen before. Like
Caesar, Trump tells us constantly that his desire is to restore America to its
former greatness. “I
try to learn from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively
on the present. That’s where the fun is.” (Donald


This appeal to a higher level of
principle is powerful, and the opponents of Trump trying to destroy him should
take heed. Caesar overcame all his foes and became master of Rome; in the end,
they had to murder him. Even then Caesar’s legacy lived on, and the force for change which Caesar unleashed in
the hearts of men proved unstoppable. It was Caesar’s
vision, not his opponents’, which finally triumphed. We can only hope for the best as our
President moves forward to attempt to “Make America Great Again” (Donald Trump).