Ever England won the colony game was because

Ever since Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas, European nations were constantly competing for land in the New World. Even though the Netherlands, Spain, and France were dominant countries in Europe, the English prevailed overall in the colony game. The English overcame the other European powers because of its government, religious laws, and its economy. The first reason England won the colony game was because of its government. Unlike the Other European colonies, the English colonies allowed the people to govern themselves and create their own laws. The Spanish colonies, unlike the English, were ruled by the crown. Viceroys and governors were appointed and people could not make their own laws. Lastly, the French colonies were also very different than the English. People had no political rights and were fully subject to the French king or queen. There was no representative government and people could not hold town meetings without permission. In the end, the reason the English colonies won was because their government allowed more flexibility for its people. The second reason England won the colony game was because of its religious rights. There were many English colonies that gave religious tolerance and freedom, but most of the places that gave religious freedom were in the middle colonies. For the Spanish colonies, the settlers were restricted to Catholics, which meant that all the other forms of Christianity were not welcome. This is probably because the Catholic Clergy ruled the government and there was no separation of church and state. Protestants were the most hated Christian group in the Spanish colonies. They were often persecuted and driven out of the colonies. Like the Spanish colonies, the French colonies were also mainly Catholics who also despised the other forms of Christianity. They persecuted and drove out many Protestants. Most of these Protestant colonists often fled to the English colonies where there was more freedom. In the end, another reason the English won the colony game was because it had more religious freedom than the French and Spanish colonies. The last reason the English were successful in obtaining the colonies is because of its economy. There were many economic opportunities in the English colonies. Some imports included farming, fishing, and trading. Some exports included tobacco, rice, timber, and fish. Tobacco was the main source of revenue in Virginia and North Carolina. The French thrived because of the fur trade. Even though they encouraged farming, they found that the fur trade made more money. The French attempted to set up plantations along the Mississippi River, but they ultimately failed. Like the French, the Spanish relied on trade to support its economy. There was some farming in the west, but trade proved to be more lucrative. Unfortunately, though, the Spanish board of trade, which controlled commerce, had regulations set in place by the Spanish government. This caused the economy not to grow as much as it could have because business owners had less of an incentive to produce certain products because of these regulations. In the end, the reason the English colonies had a better economy than the French and Spanish was because it had more resources and the government had less power over commerce. The English colonies succeeded for three main reasons, economy, religious rights, and government. It gave people the power to vote, to make laws, it gave people freedom of religion, and there were many economic opportunities. If the English did not have these things in its colonies, would America have become one of the world’s most powerful countries?