Even you how to create an under construction

Even though WordPress as the platform allows everyone to generate blogs or any kind of websites without much technical knowledge, you’re still not excused when it comes to regular maintenance. You can buy a perfect theme, install several plugins that will help you achieve something on the site, or even develop stuff on your own. But in order to keep everything glued together and have a presentable website, you will have to keep regular maintenance.

If you’re comfortable with WordPress, it is possible to keep maintenance on your own. On the other hand, there are some great WordPress maintenance companies that will keep things neat for you on monthly basis. Whatever you choose, doing maintenance will sometimes mean that your site will appear broken.

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But instead of showing unfinished sites, broken elements or redirecting your visitors to 404 pages that no one likes, you can show them a custom under construction page.

Under Construction Page plugin for WordPress

Creating such a page takes skill and time. Luckily for WordPress users, plugins that generate under construction pages already exist. We have installed one of the best so that we can show you how to create an under construction page in WordPress in just several clicks


Under Construction Page plugin for WordPress is free. So you can relax knowing that the plugin can be installed through the dashboard or downloaded from the official plugin repository. Once installed and activated, you can start working on your own maintenance page. And just like the setup, you can have it done in a matter of few minutes!


Unlike other WordPress extensions for the job, Under Construction Page doesn’t waste your time. Skillful designers have prepared more than twenty-five themes for the maintenance page – you just have to select a design that you like.

New themes are added twice per month, so there’s always new images you get to choose. Instead of manually creating links to your social profiles, the plugin allows you to insert them automatically. Just enter the information, and Under Construction Page will generate icons only if you want to. The icons look nice and non-intrusive, so they will only make your maintenance page look better. And, of course, those same icons can really help you to connect with your audience even if your site isn’t ready for the public.

Adding content is easy and quick since the plugin utilizes the well-known WordPress’ Text and Visual editor. So it’s up to you to write something, add media and style the message like any other post.


As the admin, you’re in total control of your site. The same goes for the under construction page. By navigating to the Access tab, it’s up to you to choose who can access the normal website while you’re running maintenance mode. Just by selecting user roles or specific usernames, those individuals will get the chance to override the maintenance mode. Instead, they will get to work with the site as nothing happened!

This is a must-have option when fixing things and while building a site from the ground up as you will want designers and programmers to be able to see what’s happening to the website in real time.


Here’s an amazing thing about UCP. Although the plugin is completely free, the guys at Web Factory decided to provide support via email! So, instead of the classic support forum where you get to report bugs, ask for help and new features, you can open the Support tab from the plugin’s settings.

The developers have added a simple contact form which you can use to ask anything about the plugin. They usually respond in a few hours and can help you with your maintenance mode in more detail.

Ongoing development

For the last few months, the plugin has been regularly updating every two weeks. In just one year, Under Construction Page got from just 20k to more than 100k active users! And this is not the end because the numbers just keep on growing.

The plugin is constantly in development; bugs are practically non-existent. But the fun part is yet to come. The developers are currently working on a free service that will allow non-WordPress users to generate a free maintenance page from the web and just copy it to their regular HTML sites!

Also, the developers have just released the PRO version that extends the features. You can have  things like:

– Drag and Drop page builder- Improved access control- Custom links with custom expire rules- MailChimp and Zapier support- Support for local database autoresponder- Import and Export settings-Unsplash API integration (access to more than 300k photos)- Newsletter module- Countdown timer – Google Maps- … and much more!

Now that the PRO version is out, we can ensure you that this is the ultimate under construction page plugin for WordPress that everyone just have to have!