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EVALUATIVE COMMENTARYTITLE: “MONEY IS EVERYTHING”NAME: ERINA ANASTASYA BALQIS BINTI MOHD. ABD. ZAHIB (2016695774)             NUR AFIZA BINTI AZMAN (2016490088)CLASS: AS120_3C”MONEY IS EVERYTHING” Money is a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes collectively. Before money was created, people used to use the barter system where they exchange goods for goods of the same value. To make  it easier and fair, thus money was created. Nowadays people can be crazy when it comes to chasing money. They do almost anything to get big bucks. For example, they work overtime to be paid higher and they will not waste their money on something useless. It is believed now that money is everything because money can buy you things that lead to happiness, makes your life easier and it evolves you into a better person. First and foremost, in a way, happiness could be bought by having a lot of money. For instance, having a strong bond between family members could lead to a happy life. Rich people have a lot more time with their family because they do not spend most of their time seeking for more money. Steven Siebold (2015) said that if one person loves his or her family, they should get rich, give them their time and exclusive experiences or things that only money can buy. They could go for a vacation and spend their time there together and do not care if it going to cost a pretty penny. During their vacation, they could also experience a once in a lifetime experience such as sky diving and snorkelling. Usually, these activities cost a fortune. A San Francisco State University proved that people who use their expenses on new experiences are happier than those buying materialistic item (Pozin, 2016). So it is proven that money could buy you happiness. Secondly, money makes your life easier and everything is a piece of cake when you have money. Rich people have better health as they have the money to buy cure for their illness. Michaela (2014) said that wealthy people are affordable to buy health supplement and get proper treatment. They can buy and consume variety of supplements and vitamins to boost their own health. Health is one of the crucial factors that are needed to be taken care besides having money. Other than that, money effects one children’s education. Low income affects children’s development, including their ability, achievement and involvement in school, anxiety levels and behaviour. (Kerris, 2013) A financially stable family can afford to provide their children with more than enough facilities for them to ease the learning process such as additional books, tuition and laptop as they have money to burn. Children from low income family sometimes have to work instead of being in school to help their family. These children will not have the sweet childhood just like other children but become matured and more responsible. In short, having money will ease you and everyone’s life in many ways.Money is more likeable to change people to become a better person. When a lot of money lands in your grasp, you tend to build a habit of helping others. They achieved happiness by using their money on others, by doing charity for needy people or perhaps, donations. These people have more power in doing those kind of things since everything is related to their big connections in business. According to Carnegie,  a rich person can only be considered rich if he helps others. (Martin, Loundenback. 2015). This can be seen clearly nowadays, where a famous Malaysian cosmetics entrepreneur, Dato Sri Vida, is very famous sponsoring big events in the said country, in terms of moneys and supplies. Aside from that, getting rich can also increase one’s self-confidence. People nowadays believe that a person is worthy, if they have more money, and having a lot of money makes them more confident themselves ( Radwan, n.d). Why is it so? Is it because people can show off? One of the best reason is with money, people can present themselves as a better person in front of some one important. With money, we can buy clothes that is on par with the trend. According to Economy (n.d), people could be extra by styling their hair, get a tidy shave and put amazing clothes on. It makes you feel good and be more confident. In other words, money helps you in changing people’s perspective towards you.There’s no doubt that money is important to ease one’s life. But sometimes, humans can get off the track and make money as the main pride of their life. They have more tendency to show off, rather than helping people. Not only that, money can also turns us becoming an ugly person. In this case people are becoming greedy in chasing fame. These kind of people will never know the real meaning of happiness. They might be fine on the outside, but there is a big gap of emptiness in their heart that they cannot cure. In this case, it is our responsibility to teach them about modesty. One cannot really be considered rich, unless they help people.REFERENCES1. Joseph Rowntree Foundation. (2014). How does money influence health? Retrieved January 11, 2017, from https://www.jrf.org.uk/report/how-does-money-influence-health2. Pozin, I. (2016, March 3). The secret to happiness? Lifestyle. Retrieved January 11, 2017,from https://www.forbes.com3. Economy, P. (n.d.). 5 powerful ways to boost your confidence. Retrieved January 11, 2017, from https://www.inc.com/peter-economy4. Siebold, S. (2015, August 31). Interviewing over 1,200 rich people has taught me exactly how money affects the most important things in our lives. Retrieved January 11, 2017, from https://www.businessinsider.com/how-money-affects-the-most-important-things-in-life5. Radwan, F. (n.d.). Can money make you confident? Retrieved January 11, 2017, from https://www.2knowmyself.com/can_money_make you confident 6. 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