Ethical profitability and other parameters of the company.

Ethical issues involved in this case related to the rights of consumers and wrong conduct with the consumers even knowing the cause and flaw exist in the product. The company has to disclose this issue to the consumers and take corrective action to overcome this issue, but regardless executing this, the company hides this issue until the big giant company reported it and claimed a replacement. Even then the company has not justified the overall issue just due to managing the profitability and other parameters of the company. If Company decided to replace all the microchips then it will cost huge loss to the company and hence company sorted the matter with chip replacement to only those customers who encountered this problem in their computers and proceeded their complaint to the company. Therefore the ethical issues involved are regarding customer awareness, the right of being informed, and regarding selling a flawed product to customers, which is completely unethical and intolerable to clients and consumers.The defect was not a major one and can be easily identifiable by common users as it gives mathematical inaccuracies when working on double precision. This error was detected by the consumers as well, but I think it is the duty of the company to disclose all information to consumers regarding the product and if it contains some flaws, then the company should first make a move to rectify those flaws and provide provisions to make customers resolved from these flaws and replacement of that part to make their product relevant for usage. In case of safety parameters, the ethics should always keep on priority as focusing on consumer safety is the main motive of the company while producing any product. But in this case, the safety of customers is not involved, but the awareness and product update is the issue that needs to be fixed by the company in order to manage the customer rights on priority and also to manage company reputation.The IEEE code of ethics states the consumer safety prospects to be taken on priority and also suggest full transparency and awareness to the consumer about the product. The honest perspective should be maintained by the producers in their products and seek fair treatment to persons involved in the overall process weather employees or consumers. Therefore the IEEE has a very positive and straightforward view of being faithful to the customers while selling products. According to the codes of ethics, the company should manage this situation by proceeding complete replacement of that part to existing products and make a complete solution for upcoming products. In Software case, the company should need to proceed with care in order to classify what product should need to be purchased and what should be the desired way to operate those products with an intention to first assure customer safety and protection. The case is, involving other important parameters regarding customer awareness, and product deficiency, customer faithfulness, and legal factors as well.