Since levels of the hierarchy. Thus, important matters

Since no organization can function effectively or produce team work unless its various units are integrated into a coherent whole, the scalar principle is a universal necessity of all organization.

(2) It enables us to fix up responsibility at each level and at each post in an organisation. Everybody knows what his position and responsibility are in the organization and to whom he is to account for his work.

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(3) It serves as a channel of communication, both upwards and downwards. It makes clear to every official with whom he is to deal with. It gives effect to the proper channel method of dealings. Everything has to move through proper channels.

(4) It simplifies the procedure of the file movements.

(5) It helps to decentralize decision-making and prevents congestion of business at the top. Through decentralization and division of labour it ensures greater precision and efficiency in administration. Work is divided at different levels of the hierarchy.

Thus, important matters of policy and general direction are concentrated at the higher levels, detailed supervision and control is delegated to the middle levels, detailed to the middle levels and the actual operations are left to the rank and file. It protects the chief executive and higher officers from being overwhelmed with details.