The variation of pure line organisation is the

The staff is of different kind and much is expected out of efficient and capable staff. There are also auxiliary services which the staff agencies are required to perform.

These are also called House-keeping services and thus very much essential. Today both-line and staff, agencies, are drawing more and more attention because on their proper organization depends successful working of an organization, both, in the public and private, sectors.

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Line agency is responsible for the execution of decisions taken by the chief executive in an organisation. This work is done by organizing various departments which are more or less independent of each other. Sometimes these departments are grouped together and are either integrated or disintegrated.

There is no uniform system or basis for organising a department but certain principles are usually followed, though each principle has its own advantages and disadvantages. Independent Regulatory Commissions and Public corporations are some of the other line agencies.

Line structure consists of the direct vertical relationship which connects the positions and tasks of each level with those who are above and below. The presents the structure in a direct vertical relationship through which authority flows. Line organisation is the oldest and the simplest form of organisation structure.

Under this form of organisation line of authority flows vertically from the top most executive to the lowest subordinate. A variation of pure line organisation is the departmental line under which the activities of the business are divided into several departments and the authority flows down from the chief executive through departmental managers to the lower levels in the organisation.

Every person is in the direct chain of command under the line organisation. The line of authority not only becomes the avenue of command to operate personnel but also provide the channels of communication and coordination in the organisation.

The essence of line authority is that a superior exercises direct command over a subordinate. The authority relationship is thus a direct line between superior and subordinate. Each member knows from whom he receives order or to whom he reports. The essential features of a line organisation are as under:

1. Line organisation consists of direct vertical relationship.

2. Authority in line organisation flows from top level to the lowest level.

3. Each member knows from whom he has to receive orders and to whom he has to give orders.

4. A superior exercises direct command over his subordinates.

5. It consists of those who are directly responsible for the accomplishment of objectives of the enterprise.