If the “right” temperament, “right” attitude, and “right”

If specialization would not be introduced there would be disorder, chaos lack of harmony, and overall loss of direction. In this organizational specialization, people are fitted to work in jobs for which they are intellectually and mentally prepared as a consequence of their training in that particular area of expertise.

Current organizational practice is moving distinctly away from a rigid division of work methodology. The older, and traditional watertight compartments between departments, divisions and offices are no longer operative of tendency is appearing towards de-emphasizing particular skills and emphasizing on the other hand, an ability to develop cross-skill perspective and the transferability of jobs through mobility.

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This requires the development of knowledge which is not agreed in any one-job direction or functional expertise, but one which is circled around a variety of possibilities ranging from one expertise to another, and from one area of knowledge to another.

They bridges the gap between different jobs, skills, and functions, thereby preparing the person to handle himself ably, not in just one area, but in as many areas as he may find himself.

However, it does not mean that he should learn about all areas of activities, on the contrary, it means learning very little of the traditional skills or job requirements.

What it means is the development of the “right” temperament, “right” attitude, and “right” mental overview which can than equip him with the specific skills and job requirement for any field he may later wish to enter.